Chocolate. Skipping. Sanity.

Today was one of those days. It wasn't particularly bad, but it wasn't totally awesome either. Let me paint a picture for you. We're still living in TLF. Basically meaning we're still in hotel. Wait, haven't we been here for over four weeks? Why yes, yes we have. Don't worry (or so I tell myself) we'll be in our house next week. Happy Birthday to us! Anyway, we're still in TLF which basically means we're in two tiny hotel rooms (an upgrade from being in one tiny room when we first got here), but we have none of our stuff, and our rooms aren't big, and they're overflowing with what stuff we do have here. Gwen had a morning nap today, which I don't always get her down for, but today I did, and she slept until almost 11. Preston goes crazy because the poor thing is so bored, and I don't blame him, so am I.

There's not much to do when you have to be quiet and we have the bare minimum of toys to play with. So, perhaps a lot of T.V. watching takes place, but hey, we do what we've got to do.

So anyway, by the time Gwen wakes up, we're all a little stir crazy, so I attempt to take us to the 100 Yen store here, a store that deserves it's own post because it's amazing. Far better than any American dollar store will ever be. But who should happen to fall asleep in the car on the way there? Oh Preston-man. His poor boredom wore him right out. So, instead of wasting gas driving around while he slept, we sat in the parking lot. For an hour. And most of that hour I was trying to keep Gwen from crying and waking him up. It was lots of fun.

We finally made it to the 100 Yen store an hour later after he woke up, grabbed what we went in for, and headed back home. And of course, awhile after we were home, Preston pooped his pants. And not just a little. A lot. A whole lot. We've randomly decided to work on potty training while we're in transition, because obviously now is a great time to do that when our lives have just changed entirely. But, shockingly enough, he's been doing awesome. Except he's decided to not poop for a few days and today it ALL came out. In his shorts. On the ground. And down his leg.

I may have spanked his bum for being so naughty when he knows all too well that that crap, quite literally, belongs in the toilet. And then, he got cleaned off with a cold shower. Oh, and I made him scoop up his poop and dump it in the toilet.

Did I feel bad doing all of that? Well, kind of. A little tough love was thrown at him today. Thankfully he threw me some sweet love when he hugged me and told me he loved me. Ran away, and then came back to give me "just one more kiss!"

He's the best. But that was just plain disgusting!

John took the kids so I could have a little me time, work on a project, and basically be kids free for awhile. Then I made dinner but no one showed up to eat with me because they were stuck in traffic. So, instead of being annoyed that I had a hot dinner ready, I sat down and thoroughly enjoyed eating by myself, in the peace and quiet of our lovely hotel room.

But, after four weeks in TLF, and a crazy day, I needed chocolate. So, I left the kids with John and ran to the BX across the street, basically a modified Target meets Walmart for us military folk here on base. And of course, on the way home I decided to skip because I thought it would make me feel better. And it did. I think I might need to skip more often.

End of story, I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow will be better.


AJ Candrian said...

Gross about the poop.
Funny about the skipping.
I love you.
Hang in there.

Joy Candrian said...

Oh poor Amy & family...what a long time to be with two little ones in a hotel style room. Skip all you want & have as much chocolate as you think you need. xoxo always

Brittany said...

How am I just reading this? I don't get on blogs like I used to. Here are my thoughts on your no good very bad day that ended with skipping:

1) At least he waited to poop his pants until you were home. Imagine dealing with that at the store. Yikes!

2) Skipping is awesome. I should try it more often. :)

3) That's all. I just needed to have a #3.

Oh, I thought of a real one. I was reading my journal today about when you came to our house for Thanksgiving and then our visit to St. Louis and I wrote about how awesome it was just to be out running errands with my sister and how I wished I could do that every week. It made me cry. And miss you. And now I'm going to cry again because I'm an emotional mess today.

Lovell Family said...

oh man...totally feeling for you! You're a good sport! Love the stories!