So, if we haven't already lived through tornadoes and earthquakes, we now get to add typhoons to our list of experienced natural disasters. We were pretty excited when super typhoon Vongfong was headed our way last month, but, just like most tornadoes we were supposed to live through, the poor thing died down just before getting to Okinawa and ended up being nothing more than a night of lots of wind, lots of rain, and not much of anything else.

Okinawa is built to withstand these typhoons. Seriously, the architecture here is pretty ugly for that very reason. Buildings are nothing more than blocks of solid concrete, solid, ugly concrete. Not that I should complain, because knowing this means we have nothing to worry about except for maybe lost power when a typhoon hits. Unlike tornadoes, where we had to worry about our house potentially being blow away. Here, we just sit inside, eat lots of food, and just kind of hang out, worrying about pretty much nothing. The base puts us on lockdown. Totally lame in my opinion, but we'll abide by the law nonetheless. 

Our fist typhoon was pretty uneventful. In fact, I'm fairly certain the storms that brought tornadoes into Oklahoma were far worse than Mr. Vongfong. 

I mean, this is about as exciting as it got. Boring: 

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