July's Goal

How has June already come am gone? I guess I wonder that at the end of every month. The days are long, but the years are short. Is there anything so accurate? Alas, here we are, already into July, the most dreaded month for me (an entire post will be dedicated to my detest of this month later) and with a new month I have a new goal to set. No need to miss months that have already flown by. July, you can come and go as fast as you'd like for all I care.

Lets recap June, shall we, goal-wise anyway, since it was a month of success, and I like talking about succeeding. It's a rarity around here.

Four books. Thirty days. Done and done. Maybe that's nothing for some, but, I rarely read (why?), and I have a rambunctious one year old to chase around the house. When the day is over and the house is quiet, I usually want to sit and be unproductive. It's how I unwind. I'm a time waster, whether I like it or not.

I'd highly recommend all of these books. Not one bore me. And three of the four opened my eyes to how past life was for those who lived in the darker days of our time. Days I'm glad I didn't live through. World War II was not a pretty time. And the other one, it was just entertaining, but what would you except from a book titled, The Persian Pickle Club?

I will say, I enjoyed sticking my nose in the pages of books and letting someone else's words, instead of my own, entertain me for awhile. It reminded me that I like to read, and perhaps I should do it more often. And isn't that why I'm setting these goals, to remind myself of things I like to do, want to do, or want to better myself at? Why yes, yes it is.

And that leads me to July's goal, to get my craft on, all month long. Mostly in the form of sewing, but I'm sure I'll find non-stichery crafts to fill my time just the same. After all, I'm husbandless for the next five weeks, I might as well pull the Martha Stewart out of me and make myself productive...and utilize my mom for all of the times I'll mess up.

Ready. Set. Go!


Joy Candrian said...

So proud of you for accomplishing your goal.

Jana said...

I love this idea of monthly goals... i feel like I blew it by not starting in January (I'm weirdly ocd like that) but NEXT year! Next year, I'm doing this for sure.

hang in there the next 5 weeks - i'll be thinking about you!!!

AJ Candrian said...

Fun goals! If you get bored of crafting things for yourself, feel free to craft a thing or two for me. :)