The Month I've Dreaded For the Last Three Years

The first day John was gone, I thought, this kind of sucks, but, we'll manage. Yesterday I felt the same. And today, while my baby sleeps, I'm sitting here wondering, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH OURSELVES ALL.MONTH.LONG!!

Alas, I now get to feel for single mothers. Wives whose husbands are deployed. Or ones who have husbands always away for work.

And it ain't fun!

I never imagined I'd be a military wife. But I will admit, my time in D.C. made me admire the life. From the outside anyway. I guess living close to the Pentagon, and seeing men in uniform everywhere I went was enticing to me. I mean, hello, a man in a uniform. Need I say more? And now that man is mine, and I think it's less than glamorous. Only because I don't like being given two months of pure husband time, all to myself, right into an entire month of him being gone. All. Day. Everyday. Nope, I'm not a fan.

Unfortunately, there is more to military life than looking good in uniform. Very unfortunate for me. And John, because I know he was less than excited to start this training, too. Five weeks of waking up at 4:30 every morning, and not getting to bed until close to 11 pm. Mixed with marching. Making sure you properly address everyone as, 'ma'am, and sir. Saluting. Getting yelled at! More marching. Wearing full fledged uniform in the middle of a hot and humid Alabama summer. And making sure you get in the proper workout, in the proper amount of time. If not, you'll probably get yelled at some more. Yelling is their favorite form of communication.

The other night on the phone (calls home are short and rare) I asked John if he'd been yelled at already. He laughed, and then informed me he saluted someone who he wasn't supposed to salute, after forgetting to wish them a 'good morning'. So yes, he got yelled at. For one thing or another, it happens to them all. Poor guy has to endure five weeks of this!

So, for the next five weeks, I'm going to try my darnedest to keep my little boy entertained. And sadly, I think he's already bored with me. For most of the summer he's had a dad, and cousins to keep him busy. And now, it's just the two of us. His grandparents should really think about taking the month off! Because as much as I'd like to be a fun mom, I'm not. I'm boring and lazy, much to my dismay.

Let the longest five weeks of our lives tread on. And for any you Utah peeps, let's be friends. Please!!


Joy Candrian said...

Gosh, John looks great with his hair cut. Who oh who cut his hair?

AJ Candrian said...

It will fly by... just you wait! (at least I hope it does)

Cynthia Lovell said...

Send us any updates you have on John and yourselves.
It was so much fun being with you and Preston & John!!!
We Hope ALL is well with the three of you!!!