We've been living in, what feels like, vacation mode for the past month. And this vacation isn't ending anytime soon, we've got another good six weeks to go.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Little to no errands to worry about. No time sensitive issues  pressing at us to get done...except finding a house to live in. But mostly, we just have laundry, and tidying up the messes our child makes while we take over my parents house. We're living the life around here, and trying to enjoy our time together before I'm reminded I'm a military wife and my husband is about to leave us for five weeks. 

I've been dreading this July since the day we got married. Quite literally actually. Five weeks of Officer training with the Air Force for him. Five weeks of being a single parent and without a hubby for me. Wah wah, there could be worse things in life, but I'm a baby, and I don't like it when he's not around. 

While we wait for that dreaded month to approach, we've spent lots of time with family in town, and took a much needed vacation away from a vacation to California for a week. And now, he we sit, back in Utah, trying to come up with things to fill our time for the next two weeks before the unmentionable...

Our life according to my iPhone. If you follow me on Instagram, this is nothing new:



Summertime at it's finest I tell ya!


AJ Candrian said...

So many things to say: 1) I'm incredibly jealous you're having a real summer experience. It hasn't gotten above 70 here in Seattle, so I feel like we're still in Winter mode over here. 2) Preston is more adorable than words can adequately say. 3) See you soon!

Joy Candrian said...

Since I'm not on Instagram, I loved seeing all these photos. Love seeing Preston's happy face every morning! Love having you & John with us on your extended holiday.