My lovely mother pointed out that today is 12.12.12, a triple digit date. The next triple digit date won't be for another 88 years. 88 years! I won't even be around in another 88 years. Unless by some sure miracle I'm still kicking it at 115...but that sounds both painful and miserable. So, realistically, this is the last triple digit date I get to enjoy.  

I'm going to try my best to heed my mothers plea and do 12 acts of kindness today, which means I should probably leave the house...and get out of my pajamas...so this could get tricky. Join me, it could be fun.

And because some people think it's the end of the world today, why not indulge in lots and lots of deliciousness. Tis the season, right?


Joy said...

2 of my 12 done...thanks for joining me in this unique quest of doing kind things for others. Love you & have fun!

Colie said...

My act of kindness was getting up that day. We can be kind to ourselves, right? :)