As of today, John has ONE semester left of dental school. One! Which means the number of months left in Oklahoma can be counted on ONE hand. One! He now has ONE month off of school. One! His last final was taken this morning. And, for at least another year or so, finals are over and done with. Done! Where has time gone?

Little PJ and I joined John and some of his dental school friends/professors for lunch today. While chatting with one of his professors I thought I should be a good wife and ask him how John does in school, and how we thinks he'll perform as a dentist. He looked at me with all honesty in his voice and said, "You picked a good one!" I felt like a proud wife. A classmate chimed in and said, "You know, four years ago, John was the most desirable bachelor in all our class." Lucky me, he's all mine now! 

We still laugh about the fact that four years ago John started dental school single as ever, and four years later he'll be graduating married, with a son. A lot can happen in four years, especially when you're Mormon! :)

Neither of us can believe the end is actually in sight. At least the end of dental school. But it's here, and then it's off to live the Air Force life for awhile before we have to make any real big decisions. Thank goodness for that, it makes these next few months seem a little less stressful.

At the end of all of this,  he'll actually be a doctor. Sometimes I forget he's actually in school all day learning to be a dentist. I guess I should now start trusting him to fill a cavity, should my sweet tooth ever lead to such a thing...


Jana said...

BEST family picture :) you look beautiful!!

AJ Candrian said...

You guys are cute! Congrats on just one left John!

Erin S said...

Whenever I see the sign for the Mountain Home Air Force Base, I think "Oh it would have been fun if Amy and John were coming here!" I don't even know if it was on your list or not. But it would have been fun!
Congrats on one semester left!

Colie said...

Congrats to John for being this far along & congrats to you for being right there every step of the way. And congrats to PJ for being the cutest kid ever.