As ready as I am for John to be done with school, there are perks to the student life that I am going to miss, namely, month long vacations. I don't foresee four week breaks happening all too often, (read, ever), once he becomes a full fledged working dentist. And that's just seems sad.

We (I) have a list of things we (I) want to do during his break. First things first, taking little PJ to sit on Santa's lap. An essential you know.

I felt like we'd be bad parents if we didn't take him to sit on Santa's lap his first Christmas. I'm sure as a boy it's something he could careless about, but I felt like we'd have to chalk that one up to a major failure in parenthood if we didn't do our duty and place him on the jolly old man's lap.

And, he loved it!

I don't think I've seen a happier kid than him sitting on Santa's lap, all smiles of course. We'll see if the smiles hold true next year, when he's more keenly aware of what's going on. For now, I'll continue to think I have the coolest, cutest, happiest kid there is, and of course, ooh and aww over how cute he looked sitting on the old man's lap.

And while we were in Bass Pro getting our free Santa picture taken, we decided to have a little fun ourselves, target shooting of course. Free entertainment at it's finest. 

Check that one off our to do list.


Joy said...

Love the updated look - can hardly wait to get a few smiles from my little man too!

Erin S said...

He's such a chunk, I love it!

Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVE IT!!! He's so Darling CUTE!!! LOVE the picture with Santa!!! You guys are looking Great as well!!!
Wish we could see you!!!

Merry Christmas!

Jessica DiRocco said...

OMG PJ is adorable!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

Colie said...

What a rock star! PJ is such a friendly kid!