I can survive a weekend without my husband

If I learned two things over the weekend, it's that I do a really good job at embarrassing myself and I would never survive in a serious natural disaster.

Ok, maybe three things: I don't like spending weekends alone.

Lesson one:
While at dinner with some friends, we went around the table talking about our most embarrassing stores. Of course, the one that always comes to mind, although, I assure you, my life is like a walking embarrassment most of the time, was an experience from high school when I walked out of the Wendy's restroom with toiletpaper hanging from my pants. And yes, things like this really happen, and no, it's not just in the movies. The sick part was, it wasn't even my TP, it was the TP lining the toilet from the person who was in there before me. That's what happens when you try to hover, and we'll just leave it at that.

Moving on. After laughing harder than I have in a long while that night, I decided to be polite and help clean up. You know, put my manners to good use. And wouldn't you know it, of course I'd have to embarrass myself even further by knocking a glass to the floor and it shattering all over. Leave it to me to make a statement wherever I go.

And that's what happens when you don't get out too often.

Lesson two:
Around 2:10am Saturday morning, something woke me up, probably the strange noises outside and the rolling around in my bed. The house was shaking and I was kind of confused as to what was happening. I'm not always the brightest person first thing in the morning, especially at 2am, but I did hear the heater on, so my first thought was, we live in an old house, and the heater is shaking it. So, I got up, turned the heater off, and went back to sleep.

It was only moments later I realized it was probably an earthquake, not the heater. But I was tired, so I paid no more attention and fell back to sleep.

It was an earthquake, a 4.7 to be exact. No biggie.

Around 11pm that same night, just as I was crawling into bed, another earthquake happened. This time, it was a little stronger, and as I sat in my room, watching the fan swing back and forth above my head, I thought, I should probably go stand in a doorway or something, I think that's what they taught me in elementary school? But I was too tired and lazy to bother with moving. Instead, I just stood there watching everything in my room sway back and forth, just waiting to hear something shatter in the other rooms, until a minute later it finally ended.

This one was a 5.6, the largest earthquake Oklahoma has ever had.

And that's when I realized I don't take these kind of situations very seriously.

However, tornadoes, now those I take seriously, so, it's a good thing they're more frequent around here than earthquakes are, otherwise, I'd be doomed.

Lesson three:
Self-explanatory, I don't like spending weekends alone.


Jessie DiRocco said...

You are hilarious. I can't believe you experienced TWO earthquakes and didn't even flinch. See, no reason to feel bad about missing the DC one now.

Cynthia Lovell said...

I didn't hear about the earthquake until I read your post! Loved your Post!

Alicia said...

Wow girl!!! You always make me smile with your posts! I love your stories!! : ) Glad you are okay! Love ya!