Can't do healthy

Lately I've been craving all things lettuce:

Cafe Rio, need I say more?
I know we're closer to soup season than salad season, but sometimes fresh goodness all in one bite is all I ever want. Having food allergies is really the pits, especially to lettuce. Who's allergic to healthy things, seriously?!


Brittany said...

you're allergic to lettuce? can you have things like kale or spinach? that stinks!

Erin S said...

I didn't know you were allergic to lettuce! That is weird. I've been craving salads too lately. Although the last Cafe Rio one didn't taste as good as I thought it was. So you're not missing out on that one.

Colie said...

oh that looks so good! But when I make salads at home they don't look that exciting even though I try to spice them up. At least you have some excuse for not eating lettuce...:)

Cynthia Lovell said...

At least you can eat all the other stuff that goes with lettuce, right? Is there any kind of "green" or "lettuce" that you can eat?? Sorry about that, it all looks so good.