A lone weekend

What to do, what to do,
My library book is 32 years overdue.
I admit that it's mine, but I can't pay the fine
What to do what to do?
                                                    -Shel Silverstein

Whenever I'm trying to think of something to do, this poem always pops into my head. Mostly the first line, "what to do, what to do?" But then I can't help continue with, "my library book is 32 years overdue..."

I've known this poem for years, probably since I was three or four, when my sisters were in the third grade. They had to memorize it, not me, yet I still know it just the same, it's challenging memorization and all. Be impressed. I even have a German poem, from 10th grade, and the Preamble to the United States Constitution, from Mr. Shoemakers 7th grade class (or was it 8th grade?), still locked in my noggin, too. The things I've chosen to hold on to. 

Funny that I can't even remember what I did yesterday. 

So, what to do this weekend? Who knows? My husband has left me to entertain myself, which means shopping, mani/pedi's, and other non-essential things may be in order. That, or I'll curl up with a good book and bask in laziness all weekend.

Any recommendations? 


Emily said...

Oh my heck I still have the preamble in my head as well!!! That Mr. Shoemaker..... We all did it for the extra credit but looks like the joke is on us! And I think it was 8th grade...

dardame said...

im also solo this weekend :( usually i go shopping, but my husband has forbidden me this time haha. i think ill go hang out at the coffee shop, but get hot chocolate and read a book! you should do the same :)

Brittany said...

Just be lazy! I love those days. Or read, that would probably be better.

Lauren Kay said...

I have some Shel Silverstein poems memorized too that I frequently say. Bake!!

Kristin said...

I recommend that you come over to my house and we gab all day like little girls!!!!

Cynthia Lovell said...

So where's John this weekend? As I remember I had a weekend alone last week and I was able to "slowly" get some projects done--felt great! Wish I could have been there with you guys though!!!