Drivers license exam

Not my license...in case you weren't sure.
Who checks when their drivers license is about to expire? Definitely not me, and definitely not John. When we flew home to Utah a few weeks ago, the lady at the airport informed us that both of our licenses (remember, same birthday) were going to expire the very next day. Awesome.

We figured it was pretty perfect we were flying to Utah right as our licenses were expiring, we'd just renew them when we got home. Well, little did either of us realize, Utah changed it's policies, you have to renew in person, and you have to have document after document after document just to do so. Document after document which were safely tucked away back in Oklahoma.

A fun little fact, in both states, an expired license means you get to take the written exam all over again. You know, the exam you took just to get your permit, before you were cool enough to drive without your parents? Yeah, the one I haven't taken in over 10 years. Double awesome.

Eleven days since our licenses expired, I finally (wo)maned up enough to call and find out what was really required for us to get new licenses in Oklahoma. We figured it was finally time to convert. For me, I'd have to take the written exam all over again. Ha, I laughed at this thought. For John, he's military, so of course he'd get to slide by. What the what?!

This was not ok with me.

So, I called Utah, pleaded my case, explained the situation, and wouldn't you know it, Utah has compassion on not just the individual in the military, but their spouse, too. Oh, glorious, happy day. We can now keep our expired license (for five more years if we wanted) until we're able to renew them. Oh Utah, how I love you just a little bit more right now.

Being part of the military/government, ALWAYS pays off.

Moral of the story, join the military, you get excused from everything! Or, better yet, pay attention to kind of important things to avoid unnecessary hassles, it might be worth it...unless you like the thought of taking silly exams.


Nick & Dana said...

Are you kidding me?? Mine is expired too and I forgot to renew it in Utah.. then I thought maybe i'll just do it here. I don't want to take a test!

Cynthia Lovell said...

ha hah a ha ha ha ha Very Cute!