Conference weekend, our real reason for heading home. Seeing family, celebrating our birthday's, cheap airfare, and enjoying the fall weather were just perks to our visit to Utah. Thankfully, our next visit home isn't another year away, just six weeks! I don't like saying I miss Utah, but after being gone for over a year, miss Utah I did. Shocking and weird!

Our last night home we finally got to hang out with some of John's family. And of course, wherever we go, John always has to practice his dentistry. Hopefully that means he'll make the big bucks be a really good dentist in the near future! Nothing like practicing on his niece and nephews. I'm thinking his brother should reconsider his field of work, he looks like a pro!

Just six more weeks and then we'll be back home, enjoying the cold weather that is Utah. I heard it snowed two days after we left. Sick!


julz said...

By home, I hope that includes CA ?? Luke could use some denitistry magic, maybe John is the key.

Colie said...

Man, maybe we should just get rid of dentist chairs. I like the backbend move. :)
PS - Love your conference outfit!

Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVE the Post!!! Looks like the kids are enjoying being "practiced on"! LOVE your conference pictures!