After a Panda Express run Friday night, (why my hubby loves Panda over real chinese I will never know) we picked up our pumpkins and got to work:

And it took us into the wee hours of the night to create thess:

I think the last time I carved a pumpkin I was in high school, but thanks to stencils the skills came back instantly!

And then we toasted pumpkin seeds, and I've decided that's the best part of carving pumpkins. A little worcestershire sauce, seasoning salt and butter never tasted so good!


JazznJenna said...

great job on your pumpkins! and, I always ate my dried pumpkin seeds plain, or maybe salted, but your recipe sounds yummy. maybe I'll get around to trying a new Halloween recipe after all : ).

Jessie DiRocco said...

A couple points.

1. You guys are so talented!!!
2. I would love some toasted pumpkin seeds right now.
3. Is John wearing shorts in that picture? If so, I am jealous because I am freezing my butt off here in NY!!

Lovell Family said...

yes, your pumpkin seed recipe sounds good! how about you post it for us!

Brittany said...

I toasted some pumpkin seeds a couple weeks ago and they did NOT taste like mom's. They were just not good. Oh-well.

Awesome pumpkins, by the way.

Aaron S said...

Two things:
1) Is that a witch playing a guitar?
2) You're right, and I agree. Pumpkin seeds ARE the best part of carving pumpkins.

julz said...

Ew. panda?? Brian has the same love, and I just can't do it. Love the pumpkins! I think tonight is the night we are finally decorating!

AJ Candrian said...

Very creative on the pumpkin carving... nice work team Lovell!

Lindsay said...

I was raving about the jack-o-lanters until Lindsay said you used stencils. ha ha ha They're GREAT anyway & very Clever! I was never any good at carving pumpkins.

The seeds sound yummy as well!

Lindsay said...

Sorry that was me, momma!