Halloween Treats

Last night at Activity Days, the girls and I got our craft on and made some Halloween goodies.
What would I do without blogs giving me all of my ideas?

I got this idea for Frankenstein pudding cups:

Here is the girls version:

I think theirs turned out cuter than the original. 

And then we made witch hats with Kisses and Keebler Fudged Stripped cookies:

I think the activity was a hit, and not just because they got to make something fun, but because their creation was edible. I'm pretty sure the girls all left on a sugar high. And I'm sure their parents just love me on these nights.


Nick & Dana said...

the other day i was thinking of how it might be fun to do a halloween party because i've seen all the cute treats and i thought "amy would come up with something really good!" yup i was right :)

Lindsay said...

Very Cute and Clever! I'll bet your girls LOVE You!!!

Cynthia Lovell said...

That was me, Cynthia. Sorry.