Sometimes I throw myself pity parties

Today is one of those sometimes.

See, if someone were to ask me how my day is going, they'd probably be sorry they even asked. The typical "It's been good, how's your day going?" wouldn't be today's answer. Nope.

My answer would sound a little more like this:
Well, I've been up since 4 a.m., not to mention I woke up nearly every hour last night. I feel like crap, and I've been feeling this way for nearly 72 hours. I'm hoping it's just food poisoning, because I'll tell you what, I'm getting a little sick and tired of all of these trips to the bathroom. You try visiting the planes lavatory 100 time over again. Being sick in the air, it's not fun. Being sick at work. Also not fun. Major pain in the stomach area. Terrible.

I ate some chicken noodle soup tonight, the most I've eaten since Sunday's lunch. It tasted like the most amazing thing I've ever eaten. And it's from a can. I'm starting to think this is the trick to weight loss.

Oh, and did I mention my cat STILL hasn't come home? I think one of the things I was most excited about after being on our trip was to come home to that little kitty of ours. Call me a crazy cat woman, and maybe I am, but he's a pretty cool cat and it breaks my heart I haven't seen him in nearly two weeks. I was on the verge of tears while grocery shopping tonight. And then felt silly when I went into the FedEx store to pick up our "Lost Cat" fliers I made. Yes, I made fliers. Then I broke down into sobbing tears when I got home. Part of me still hoped he'd come running like he always does/did when we come home. But he didn't. And he doesn't come when I call and whistle for him like he used to either. Again, I'm sure John has wondered what he's done marrying an emotionally unstable girl. Poor guy.

Bless his heart, he's out looking for Tobias right now. And here I sit, blogging, complaining, feeling miserable for myself, and knowing that at any moment now I'm going to need the bathroom (it just happened). TMI, I know. But like I said before, if you were to ask me how my day's going. You'd be sorry you even asked.

So yes, sometimes I throw myself pity parties, and today, the party has been thrown.


AJ Candrian said...

Sorry you feel crappy Amers! Hopefully Tobias will come home soon!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Hope you get feeling better!!! That's the Pitts to come home sick from a great trip! Hope the cat turns up also! Good Luck, & keep us informed!

Lindsay said...

So not fun. I am the same way when I get sick. I just want some one else to take care of me and everything that needs to get done. There is nothing like being sick/uncomfortable on a plane! So sorry. I am sad about Tobias! I really hope you guys find him. And don't feel guilty about throwing a pity party. I think they are healthy sometimes.

Jessie DiRocco said...

Everyone is allowed to be cranky when they are sick. I hope you feel better soon AND that Tobias makes his way home safe! Hey, at least your pictures from Portugal are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Come home Tobias:(

Colie said...

Good thing Tobias is snuggling up to you right now. I love that you posted about how you caused Momma Candrian gray hairs & then Tobias is following suit. :)