How can one go wrong when hanging out with family in a beautiful country surrounded by beautiful beaches? I don't think you can.

Here's a little recap of our adventures:

It wasn't 2 seconds after meeting up with everyone in the airport that my parents were on cloud nine. My dad and this little man were inseparable the entire trip. They're the best of buds! Love him, and them, and the ones who created him! 

Here's the Villa that my bro and sil found for us to stay in. Heaven! I think I just might want to travel with them on every vacation if these are the kinds of places they stay in. 

Our mornings looked something like this. While Rob and Lorena tried to catch up on some sleep, we'd all take turns entertaining the cutest little guy around. I'm not a morning person, but I'd get up early just to play with him. His obsession with some youtube video's led us to this spot most mornings, and how am I supposed to be his favorite aunt if I don't give in and let him watch what he wants?

Everyday we found a new place to explore and a new beach to check out.

The end of the world, or so it was once thought, was probably one of the windiest places we've ever been, and cold. Not a fun combination. 

The only downside to visiting Portugal in mid-March is that the weather isn't entirely ideal just yet. We left warmer weather in Oklahoma for chillier weather in Portugal, but ask us to do it again, and we'd be all over it. I thought John was a little nuts to be fully submerged in the water, but I guess once your body goes numb, cold or not, it doesn't matter.

This little man is a dear devil when it comes to the beach. He LOVED it. Even on the coldest days, he'd jet off to the water ready to play. I can't stop laughing at his baby speedo. He's so European.

If only my sisters, bil, and Jamers were in this picture it would be complete. 
We missed you guys!

John being the little explorer here is, found these cool rock formations near the little beach town we were visiting. Pictures don't do justice to how cool these formations really were.


Everyone left us on Saturday to go back home while we stayed behind a few more days to explore Lisbon. I may have shed a tear or two that day when everyone was gone. John probably wished he hadn't married such an emotionally unstable girl. Too late now. Why is saying bye to family always so hard?

 St. George's castle can pretty much be seen from anywhere in Lisbon. This castle is ancient yet they let us explore the entire thing.

Which leg is mine?

 Could he be anymore of a tourist?

 We were sad to say goodbye.
Sad to come back to reality.
But more sad that our reality is Oklahoma.
Ok, just kidding (kind of).
But it did make me laugh last night 
when the flight attendant said to the entire plane
that she's not sure why anyone would want to come here.

Vacation mode is officially over, but we're still feeling the side effects.
Hopefully we'll sleep in longer than 4am tomorrow. 
If not, maybe we'll go on another walk to look for our lost kitty. 


AJ Candrian said...

WHAT?! Tobias is missing?!?!?!?!

Lindsay said...

Sooooo fun! It is beautiful out there! Good luck finding Tobias

Joy said...

Pray for the missing pussy cat!

I love your photos. Too bad we had to go back to work, otherwise I would have loved to explore Lisbon with you two.

Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVE the post!!!! Looks so fun!!! Sorry it was so COLD!
But, Oh well, at least you got to see some new country etc. Fun to see the pictures of Lisbon!!! We were there about 15 years ago and LOVED it!!! It was a GREAT trip!
Logos looks so BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE all the pictures and would Love to see more if you have them! I recognized some of the places you were in. What fun! (The only thing was we couldn't speak Portuguese. You make a very Handsome Couple!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where's the next trip?? We're in!!

Colie said...

Yay for Portugal and yay for your freakin' awesome wardrobe. When I'm rich & famous (a very likely possibility as a social worker), I'm hiring you to be my fashion guru. :)

carla thorup said...

srsly so jealous over your trip. looks breathtaking!

JazznJenna said...

Your pictures are so pretty! What a great trip. Welcome back!