I'm sure most people who read this blog are Latter-Day Saints (LDS) and know a thing or two about BYU and the honor code that is signed and upheld to in order to attend the university.  But some may not have a clue, so there's the link to educate yourself away!

The honor code is just that. It's a code that we sign, saying, on our honor, we will live those standards outlined. It's not hard to do, I assure you of that. As a member of the church, aka "Mormon" those are standards we are living on a daily basis anyway. In the off chance you break the "rules" there's a price to pay. That's no surprise. It's like breaking the law, kind of, and when the law is broken you pay the price.

So,  just recently, when a star BYU basketball player came forward and admitted to breaking the honor code, he get's penalized for it. Again, that's no surprise. Some may think it's a bit extreme. Unrealistic even. He's a star player, March Madness is coming up. Are you really going to kick him off the team? You betcha. Hey, we all (as in everyone whose ever attended BYU) knows that's just how it is. Break a rule, pay the price. We all know that from day one. And the great thing is, we CHOOSE to follow the honor code. Otherwise, think of the thousands of other schools we could go to. But, we choose to come to BYU for one reason or another, and because of that we get to uphold a higher standard of living. It's pretty great.

I love love LOVE the positive reinforcement that ESPN gives to BYU in this clip:

It's funny to me how much gruff we get from people for going to BYU. If people only realized how awesome that school is. And I mean like really understood the background of the school. Maybe, just maybe, they'd show a little more respect. All I'm askin'...just a little bit... sorry, I just couldn't help myself there.

In fact, this has nothing to do with the video above and my love for people who support BYU, let alone BYU's honor code, but I read this talk not too long ago and found it pleasantly enjoyable. Who We Are and What God Expects Us to Do.  This talk gives a little background on BYU and how it even came into existence, along with other profound and deep insights and doctrine, and I think it's incredible. And so is Elder Holland, so it all just works out well together. Ok, I'll sign off my religious soap box now.


Cynthia Lovell said...

Go BYU!!!! LOVED the Post!!

Lauren Kay said...

You should listen to the first part of this radio broadcast. It's an interview with Danny Ainge. I thought it was really good and really insightful about the church, BYU's decision, and being in the NBA.


Kristin said...

Preach it sista! I loved what you said about us choosing to attend schools like Byu. There are plenty of other schools out there. That's so true! I love choosing to live a higher standard. And you've just inspired me to post about this as well! It's a hot topic right now!

Nick & Dana said...

Awesome :)

JazznJenna said...

Wow, this was great. I am overjoyed to hear people in the media NOT slamming us for our standards. Hooray for them!

Lovell Family said...

Good post...I agree about the rules, If you're an upstanding church member you're keeping the rules anyway. This random girl recently posted on facebook something like she was LDS but she'd never go to byu cause she wouldn't want to have to follow all the lame rules...well, girl, you should already be following them in the frist place!