Happy Birthday Boy

Even though he cried the day I was born (he wanted a brother, not another little sister), 
picked on me when I was younger...and, that's still happening, 
called me fatty growing up, it was a term of endearment, right?
He'll always be my favorite brother.

I miss him being around.
 l loved dropping weekend plans to go out to dinner, just the two of us, in DC,
and I bawled the day he and Lorena moved to Sweden.

I miss my brother, lots, 
but I always look forward to when I get to hang out with him next.
Thankfully, that hang out time will be here before I know it.
Beginning a week from Saturday.

Until then, Happy Birthday, boy! 
You're 32, sheesh!
I sure do miss you,
but I love you being far away, 
only because I'm selfish and I enjoy a good vacation!

See you next week in Portugal!


Rob said...

Thanks Mays.

JazznJenna said...

That's super sweet. I enjoyed reading about your love for your brother. Have an awesome time together in Portugal (jealous!).