Crossing the Atlantic

For the past few months all I've been looking forward to is tomorrow. Tomorrow is like Christmas for me.  Maybe even better. Because following a tough week of tests and long nights for John, and well, a pretty normal week of work for me, we're jumping on a plane and crossing the Atlantic to spend a week with my family. A well deserved vacation in my books. Then again, I sometimes see the need for a monthly vacation, and I always think it's well deserved. I like to travel. It's a matter of fact. John reminds me that's why I work. A brutal reminder, but it shuts up my complaining.

This trip is exciting for a few reasons. Shall I explain?
  1. I haven't seen my brother and his family since my wedding. Skype doesn't count. And that's eight months! My nephew needs me.
  2. I haven't seen my parents since September, which doesn't really count either because it was for a few hours, and then they took off to Sweden and left me home alone. It was sad.
  3. John has never flown across the Atlantic or been to Europe. Hopefully this is our first of many European trips to come.
  4. This is everyone's first time to Portugal. Awesome!
  5. John speaks Portuguese. Totally fitting for Portugal. And totally sexy when he starts jabbering away.
  6. Have I mentioned that vacations just make me happy? I live for them. It's true. 
  7. We both need out of Oklahoma for awhile. Sometimes you've got to get away. Away to the beach that is.
  8. And really, I'm just ready for some good quality family time. In a foreign land. Near the beach.

Thank goodness some schools believe in a spring break. Never having had one in college, I'm realizing the genius behind it all.

Entering vacation mode for the next 11 days... 


Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVE your blog!!!! I've been waiting anxiously for you to write again!!! Have a GREAT trip!!! You'll LOVE it!!!
It's so FINE that John can speak the language--that will make it even more memorable and fun!!! I don't know if you do this, but I always bring something home as a memento to display from our trips--especially foreign.
Makes me HAPPY!!! HAVE A GREAT TRIP!!!!!

AJ Candrian said...


Kristin said...

So excited for you!!!! LOTS of pictures!!!!!

DR and Brynna said...

I'm jealous! What a good time to get away. I've got spring fever so bad! Thanks for the cute poem. I'm going to memorize it.

Lindsay said...

All I am saying, "JEALOUS!!!"

Lovell Family said...

I'm with Lindsay...I'm SO jealous!! I need a break!

Colie said...

Three things:
1) take lots of pictures and post them!
2) enjoy the food. mmmm....
3) don't be too surprised when I show up at your hotel with my beach towel & flip flops. I want to come!!!

JazznJenna said...

Live it up and enjoy! I'm so glad you get to go.