Kitty's and such

What's harder than waiting months, after buying your tickets, for your trip to finally get here? 
The day of the trip finally arriving, but then having to work all day, and wait all day for your flight to actually leave. 
Oh, and since we don't have kids, we are therefore subjected to defaulting our pets in their place. 
So, in this case, leaving Tobias behind is hard, too. 
Poor little kitty.  I know he misses us while we're gone.
Ok, I'm totally kidding, but I swear he knows when we're going to be gone, and it is kind of sad. 
That part I'm actually not kidding about. 

Let's talk about Tobias for a moment, shall we, about how funny that little cat is:
(nice transition, huh?)
Like how the moment we get home from work/school, he'll jet across the street with excitement to see us. He'll roll around, and then run up to us, puts his face near our hand, and practically begs us to pet him. It's my favorite thing about coming home. 

Or how he's the smallest cat in our neighborhood, but he still acts like the big bully.
John and I get a kick out of watching him pounce on other cats the moment he sees them, only to be the one wrestling to get free. I think last night one of the cats got to him pretty good, he seemed a little sensitive when we were petting him. Poor little guy.

Maybe I should mention that he LOVES to hang out in our bathroom. He'll sit on the toilet the entire time we're showering, waiting for us to get out. He'll hang out in the sink, like it's his bed. He'll even sit at the faucet, waiting for us to turn on the water so he can get a drink. He so much rather drink out of the sink than his bowl. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't admit to all of that?

However, my favorite new thing about Tobias, is that he now invites his friends over to our house. And not just over to hang out in our yard, he invites them inside. That's right. We have a random cat that likes to utilize our house now, too. You see, we have a crawl space under our house, and a small door that leads to the space in our laundry room. We thought it was the greatest thing ever when we realized Tobias discovered this door. We no longer have to let him in and out, he can do it on his own. If he whines at the door long enough, and we don't let him in, he'll go under the house and use the crawl space. Awesome, right? It's like the perfect cat door that we didn't have to install. Until we realized another cat was using this door as well. We came home from school/work one day only to discover that this intruder had been snoozing on our bed. The indentation and black hair all over kind of gave him away.

We've had plenty of good laugh about all of this. But when you hear a cat fight going on in your house in the middle of the night, well it makes our "cat door" not so awesome anymore. Poor little kitty.

He's a funny one, that Tobias. He'll find the most random positions to sleep in:

He'll curl into a ball anywhere he can:

Try to get places anyway he can:

And anything he can:

And yes, I just wrote an entire blog post about my cat, so what? People do it about their dogs all the time. At least we don't take family pictures with him.

Oh wait, yes we do:


AJ Candrian said...

I like Tobias. I want a cat. I hope he's there when you get back too. Otherwise, that would be incredibly unfortunate.

The Richmans said...

What a funny cat. Would you say he's as cool as Oreo?