Local treasures

Spring is here, and hopefully to stay. I've been in need of this season for quite awhile now, and after today's run outside, the first in a LONG long time (aside from my one run in Portugal) it's apparent why I've been needing this season. I need warm weather and greenery in my scenery.

Kiss the winter blues away, let the rays come shining down, and the temperatures rise to a jacketless level. Springtime is my necessity. Spontaneous outings put a smile on my face. And so do Thursday night dates with my man.

Sahar's Kitchen. Yes please! These gyro's are something else.
All of that for $5.99. 
Now that's good stuff!
I love me a cheap date!


Kristin said...


Lindsay said...

Oh so he DID take you after all? I thought he was punishing you for telling me about him asking if Philadelphia was in Pennsylvania. Wait, did I just write that on your blog? Ooops! :)
Looks good. I will have to make you guys my Greek Salad next time we see you

Anonymous said...


Jana said...

i LOVE the warmth. it makes everything better - why is that??? i love cheap dates too :) those gyros look delish!

Joy said...

I think we need to go there when we visit. OKAY?

Colie said...

Ah, fond memories of BBQ sauce all over our faces at Joe Morley's...we love us some good meat!

carla thorup said...

i could eat gyros every single day as long as they have feta.... and with the warm weather, this is bascially a perfect date in my book. hip hip.