Springing to life

This morning I drove into work with a smile on my face, while belting out the lyrics to whatever song came on the radio. I was driving solo, but it was still a party. Acting exciting on my way into work? That never happens. So today I diagnosed myself with a mild case of SAD.

Or maybe I've just been feeling sad lately knowing I'm missing the cherry blossoms this year. Aside from all of the tourists that overtake DC, driving the locals crazy right about now, the cherry blossoms is one of the greatest times of the year in our nations capital. And oh how I miss not being there right now.

Last year John came out to visit me this very weekend, and in between sessions of General Conference, the best time of year, we went and wandered around the tidal basin with the millions of other people out doing the same thing. I wish we could do that in between sessions again this year. But sadly, I'm stuck in Oklahoma this time, so no cherry blossoms for me.

So, to all of you who are still in DC, will you go wander around the tidal basin, fight the annoying crows, take lots of pictures and then make me feel jealous I'm not out there to enjoy the beauty that is cherry blossoms in DC? Please, for me!

And for all of you, 
I'll do my best to enjoy the beauty that surrounds Oklahoma's State Capital.
Our best attempt at cherry blossoms, 
the redbud tree. 
While you all may be getting the better end of the deal here, 
Oklahoma seems to know a thing or two about beauty this time of year.


The Richmans said...

I miss the cherry blossoms, too. I keep looking at the painting mom did for me of the Jefferson and the cherry blossoms an getting a little homesick.

I do not, however, miss the tourists and knowing there are thousands of them out there is getting me through it. :)

Cynthia Lovell said...

The cherry blossoms are truly beautiful etc. etc. et.c,
butt, I LOVE the redbud trees as well!!! They're Beautiful!!! I don't think I've ever seen them, at least that I remember. We MISS you guys!!!!

Colie said...

Meet you in DC? :)

JazznJenna said...

I can understand you missing your cherished cherry blossoms. I am already sad that I may never see Eugene's pink leaves again. But those redbud trees are really cool! I wonder what wonder of nature awaits us in PA. I feel for you!

CandiShack said...

okay. I think I am ready to blog again. thanks for the pep talk, amy. I just needed someone to give me a little push, and you did it without even knowing you did! :)