This looks familiar

Alright, where do I even begin with this? I'm just going to dive right in head first and hope my sister doesn't brutally murder me for this post. Because quite frankly, it's all out of sisterly love.

I'm sure most of you know my sister was on The Mormon Bachelor {TMB}. And yes, she got a second date! Duh. Of course she would, not only is she MY sister, but she's a million times cuter and cooler than I am, so that clearly constitutes her for a second date. Simple as that.

If you're confused and don't know what the heck I'm talking about, you can view their first date here, second date here, and her side of the story here and here. They're totally worth checking out. Promise!

After talking to said sister about her date on Sunday, she mentioned that at the end of the night, she and Rick decided to have a little fun and do a post-date interview, just for kicks. After all, that's just her kind of thing, seeing that she did spend nearly five years as a news reporter for the CBS news affiliate stations in Washington and Florida. Apparently it was pretty entertaining, so of course, seeing that it was edited out was pretty lame.

Well, don't you worry, because tonight, in the middle of making dinner, sister of mine called to inform me that TMB had updated her date post, which included the best part of the evening, a link to their post-date interview.

Since the mister and I usually watch 30 Rock, Arrested Development, or Modern Family during dinner, we decided their interview would provide our dinner time entertainment tonight instead. And yes, all 9 minutes and 39 seconds were well worth it. Just watch and see for yourself.

Afterwords the hubs said, "doesn't that kind of remind you of us?"

And so we compared:
  • Both John and Rick are from California.
  • Both are dentists (or soon to be at least)
  • Andrea and I are sisters
  • Both guys flew out to the East Coast to take us on a date
  • Both our second dates with these guys revolved around playing tour guide throughout the city
  • Neither of us received a kiss that night {bummer}
  • They're both tall, (which John thinks is definitely a noteworthy similarity, so it's included for his sake)
Ok, so maybe that's where the similarities end, but hey, similarities and all, we couldn't help but reflect back on our first date in DC and where we've come since that weekend in DC so very not long ago. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how similar our stories truly may be. {wink wink}


AJ Candrian said...

Thanks Maizer! :)

Lovell Family said...

He's totally into her!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Wouldn't that be funny to have three dentists in the family? She is so cute and pretty!!! She's genuine & I think they make a very nice couple! Good Luck!

Amy Catherine said...

Amy! You probably don't remember me (Amy Poulsen), but there was a link to your blog on my facebook feed and so I decided to check it out and I just wanted to say that your blog totally kicks trash and is really funny and that I probably shouldn't have put my name down in this comment bc now you'll think I'm a creepy stalker (which I'm not, I promise)and "Hi" and congratulations to your sister! That's all, have a good day...

Lindsay said...

AMY, we stayed up WAY too late reading/watching this. SO much fun. Andrea totally has our vote.

Nick & Dana said...

haha he's so into her!

Joy said...

Well if not Rick...she deserves someone even better!

Colie said...

That cake place looks yummy...glad Rick came to DC. Everyone needs to go!

JazznJenna said...

Amy, what a great story. I'm totally routing for them! But it seems I remember hearing that things didn't work out. Where can I read another update about these two? If it's not still going on--did he give any explanations? Your sister is so cool.