Indoor camping

After a week of no running water in our house, and being creative with how we use the bathroom, brush our teeth, and do the dishes, life is back to normal. Who knew running water was so essential to living life normally in your own home? Ok, dumb question. But until we went without, it's something I took completely for granted. Our dishwasher may be broken now, but that's merely trivial in the grand scheme of things. So here we are back to normal, or close to, seven days later. Let's just hope during tomorrow's snow storm and the beginning of freezing temperatures all over again, we've learned a lesson or two about freezing pipes.

Bring on our 5th snow day this month! 
Oh, these make me so happy.


rainabpotter said...

Check your home warranty to see if they cover your dishwasher. I only had to call and complain about mine for 3 months and then they replaced it.
You must be getting our share of snow, we haven't had very much.

Cynthia Lovell said...

How are things going??? What's wrong with your dishwasher??? I HOPE ALL is Well!!!