He's pretty fly for a white guy

Either husband of mine is more in love with me than I ever realized, 
he's trying to prove his manliness, 
he's just really sick of dealing with the nastiness in the sink, and my complaining of the matter,
or he figured he was in the middle of fixing the dishwasher, might as well add a garbage disposal too.

Because after months and months of telling him, 
"We REALLY need a garbage disposal"
"A garbage disposal would make me the happiest girl alive,"
"If only we had a garbage disposal, our lives would be so much better"
(mind you, the last few weeks having running water in my house was definitely more of a strong desire, but problem solved, no more camping in my own home)
and making him do the dishes and deal with the aftereffect, 
he came home from school yesterday afternoon with a garbage disposal in hand, ready to get to work.

Oh, bless the man who invented such a priced possession,
and the thousands of people who posted youtube videos on how to install them.

How I've survived the last six months without one is beyond me?

He joked that this is my Valentines Day present, 
and you know what?
1-I could careless for the holiday, and don't need any presents
2-if he's going to give me a present, talk about the best Valenties Day present EVER! 

And so he installed one and cleaned up his mess. 
Love him!
And the sound of a garbage disposal.


Joy said...

He's a keeper...what a guy! I don't know how people lived without running water and a garbage disposal. Yea for warmer weather and Good job JOHN!

Erin S said...

Wow! What a nice husband. I may be slightly jealous. Our family room light bulb has been burned out for like 3 months and Dallas just barely got the ladder out today and changed it.....and it was only a light bulb....

Lindsay said...

Way to go brother! You continue to amaze me everyday!

Kristin said...


The Richmans said...

Good job, John! Love the apron! :)

AJ Candrian said...

Wow. Impressive.

Lovell Family said...

oh my gosh...that pic of John on the floor...I have the EXACT picture of Steve...it's when we were dating, and he was fixing the disposal at my rental....I sent the pic to my parents, hoping to impress my dad! So funny!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Way to go John!!! I think that would be a GREAT Valentine's present! Did you get a new dishwasher too?

Colie said...

John should be in Good Housekeeping. The apron-broom combo just nails it!

Cynthia Lovell said...

John, reminds me of Grandpa Benson! He was a Great handyman around the house & also cleaned up after himself. I'm Proud of You!!! MoM