The big 3.0.!

I was going to write this great big post of why I think Valentines Day is kind of a lame holiday, and why there's only one thing (or 30, at least today) that makes me love February 14th. BUT, I'm at work, and sometimes work gets kind of crazy. Today, would be one of those days. 

Yes, it's true, I think the idea around Valentines Day is totally lame; however, there's one thing about today that I do love, and that's these two girls having a birthday.
Oh, how I love my sisters!
Today's just no birthday though, today's their 30th birthday.
Holy smokes my family is getting older.
Not old!

Happy 30th Birthday, sisters. 
My life would be completely boring without you two. 
And that's an understatement. 


The Richmans said...

Thanks, Amy! Am I really that much shorter than you and Andrea? Sheesh!

Joy said...

Funny photos of the three of you! Gotta love my girls.

Kristin said...

Yeah for sissies!!!! Happy Birthday!

AJ Candrian said...

That first picture is hilarious... I have never seen it before. When was it?! Thanks Maizer!