Spring is in the air

This past week Oklahoma experienced some crazy-talk weather. From last week to this week, we had a day off of school/work due to snow, and the temperature in some cities got as low as -37. Now, here we are, having basked in 70 degree weather almost all week. Yesterday, it was 81! That's over a 100 degree difference in temperature.  Say what?! Sheesh.

The other night I suggested we go on a run. It was a perfect spring evening for just the thing. Truth is, I knew neither of us really wanted to go running, and therefore wouldn't go, but I felt the need to ask the question anyway. We opted for a walk instead and ended up at this hole-in-the-wall Greek restaurant for some tasty gyros. They were heaven. And we'll be back. If nothing more than to support the adorable little Greek man whose business seemed to be struggling. But really, they were heaven. And a local business will always get my support.

We try to pretend we don't live in the ghetto. But we both know otherwise. There was no denying that fact on our walk that night. Oh, bless thee Oklahoma!

I'm in love with this spring air that's making it's way through this funny place in the middle of February. If only I wasn't trapped inside all day long so I could actually enjoy it, that would be nice. Thank goodness it's going to be nice, sunny, and in the mid-70's the rest of the weekend. Maybe it's time to get the hammock out? Oh spring, keep on coming.

And just for good measure here's one of my favorite pictures of John and I (thanks sister), the day after we got engaged, on a gorgeous spring morning last April. I love springtime. I live for weekends. TGIF!


Nicole said...

I LOVE your wedding pic by the golden gate bridge! SO beautiful:)

Cynthia Lovell said...

I LOVE your writing!!!! It's so much fun to read your blogs! Like the picture too!!!

julz said...

I think you stole our nice weather. I am jealous!! I can't believe it hasn't even been a year since you guys got engaged.. We just love you Ames!