Weekend Project

Preston LOVES to read. It's the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up in the morning, and the last thing we do before going to bed. Not to mention we read books all throughout the day. He's my little book worm, and I love that about him. Occasionally I'll catch him sitting in his room, books poured all over him,  just reading to himself...or at least looking at the pictures.  Often times he'll bring me the books he wants me to read to him. So we sit and read, and I love it, because he'll sit quietly in my lap and cuddle with me. Reading is the only time he actually sits still.

I've been reading to him since the day he was born. Reading is what put him to sleep as a newborn when nothing else worked. We'd sit and rock, and read and read and read, until the sound of my voice finally lulled him to sleep.

We love to read. And everyday he gets smarter and smarter with the things he remembers, the pictures he notices, and the phrases he reads along with me. I love our reading time together.

Ever since being in our "new" house, the corner in his room where the basket of books lies, and the glider sits, has felt incomplete. I knew I wanted to do something with that corner, but I didn't know what.

And then I saw this picture online somewhere, most likely Pinterest, and I was instantly obsessed. I knew I needed the corner in P's room to turn into that exact image. And Saturday was the day to make it happen.

So, we headed to Lowes, where John got his early birthday present...a new drill...we picked out just the right wood, and set home to put our plan into action.

And moments later, this came about. And, I'm equally obsessed, if not more, with the actual image of his room now, than the inspiration I saw online. There are still a few things missing, like a picture or phrase in that empty spot on the wall, but I love how its turned out so far.

I love weekend projects courtesy of a husband who turns my ideas into reality, and I love that we have a little boy who loves to read just as much as he loves to play in the dirt and eat rocks! 


AJ Candrian said...

That looks very darling, and incredibly organized. But now poor little Preston can't reach the books! One day, when I own a home, I'm going to have you and mom come do cute things like this in it for me.

Joy Candrian said...

I agree with Andrea, your reading corner is darling & he still has a whole basket of books that can be traded out at any time. I think Andrea needs you & John for her project. John does a great job.

Cynthia Lovell said...

This is very Charming!!! Great Ideas!!! That's the one thing I would do Over if I had the chance & that is reading more to my kids!!! Great Job!!!

Colie said...

You are way more stylish than any magazine. Love it!

Brittany said...

I don't know how I missed this post earlier. But you'll laugh because I kept looking at the picture you had pinned and thinking "I don't recognize any of those books or things." And then I realized it wasn't actually your house. Haha. Oh dear.