Sweets to say yes to

This picture has nothing to do with this post, more to do with showing off his cuteness!
We're half way through April, and so far, this household is rocking the whole no sweets thing. Which is why John questioned my purchase of, not one, but two, bags of cadbury mini eggs while at the store the other night. They were on sale for $.90. I couldn't say no. And so, there they sit, in the cupboard, unopened, staring at me every time I open the door looking for a "non-sweet", sweet, to satisfy me. And believe you me, they hold no temptation over my strong-willed self. Promise. If they were chocolate covered pretzels sitting in there, things may be different. Those ARE my weakness.

So how are we mastering this sweets restriction.


Allow me to present to you the best non-sweet, sweets we've discovered over the last 15 days.
  • Energy Bites, more like bites of deliciousness. {we omit the chocolate chips and throw some pecans in for good measure, or craisins} You can thank me later for this...and just note, these things are full of fiber, so plan accordingly...meaning, don't go too overboard. You're welcome.
  • Smoothies, mainly this one, throw in some spinach to feel even healthier, and/or an avocado.
  • And my favorite, fruit parfaits, with greek non-fat vanilla yogurt, and some kashi cereal to top it off. Yum!
But really, I'd stick with the energy bites everyday from now until forever if I wasn't allergic to half of the ingredients in them, and the fiber...all things that don't make for a pretty combination.

I'd like to think we could stick to this way of eating always, but, someone has a birthday next month, and you can be sure I'll be stuffing my face, after his, with some delicious cake to celebrate! 

P.S. Thanks for making me feel guilty, mom, for eating less than a tablespoon worth of jam today. 


Lovell Family said...

Those energy bites look good! I've been checking out that blog lately...just found out about it.
Good luck the rest of the month~

Lindsay said...

Good job. I tell myself to eat less sweets then go crazy!!

Mike and Joy said...

And who made me feel guilty because I ate one chocolate dipped strawberry - just one? Yes, I've made it 16 days without cake, cookies, candy, pie or ice cream. I feel good, so thanks for encouraging me to do this with you.

Mike and Joy said...

I made the energy bites, added in date pieces and pecans, I didn't have wheat germ nor flex seeds. That recipe is so yummy!