Monday night musings

I feel like I don't sleep much these days, and I can't even blame my child for that. What!? Poor little one gets blamed for most things, but not this one. Although, he's randomly decided to wake up earlier than normal these last few days and I don't particularly love that, 6 am early! And then I keep waking up in the middle of the night and can't fall back to sleep. Seriously?!

My child has become extremely opinionated. At lunch the other day he kept pointing to something he wanted, and each time I unintentionally grabbed the wrong thing, he'd hit my hand away. When I finally got it right, he was a content little baby. This is becoming a regular occurrence around here.

While at the park the other night, John and I were both being irresponsible parents and not paying attention to our child. A few minutes later I heard yelling, only to look up and see my baby sitting at the top of the slide, basically shouting "hey, mom, look at me, I'm on the slide, come catch me." He climbed all the way up the playground unsupervised, like it was no big deal. After freaking out a little inside for being so careless, I felt a little proud thinking my child was smart enough to know I needed to be at the bottom to catch him...that pride quickly faded to feeling extremely irresponsible again.

After this weekend, (as long as he passes), John's pretty much a dentist! The most expensive test he will have ever taken is on Saturday and Sunday, where he has to prove his skills on actual patients, root canals, fillings, cleanings, the whole works! I can't wait for Sunday afternoon to be here, and neither can he!

We move in less than three weeks. LESS than three weeks. How is it possible that our time in Oklahoma has already come to an end? I was commenting to a friend via facebook that it's totally a bittersweet feeling, and when she commented back that maybe that's why we're leaving during tornado season, so it makes it easier, I just had to laugh and remind myself, yes, leaving during tornado seasons makes it a thousand times easier...although, I hear they get them in St. Louis, too! Awesome.

And lastly, my baby turns one in less than two weeks, and it's breaking my heart. I can't think of a faster twelve months in all my life. Let's just rewind and do it all over again. The long nights. My sleepless child. The fussing and crying. I'd do it all over again to keep him small. On the flip side, he's going to rock his sombrero at his Cinco de Mayo party, so, at least he'll turn on in style.


Mandy said...

Wow...I am totally impressed that he climbed to the top. Not surprised, but impressed! He's such a go-getter and that pic is so adorable of him....can't believe he's almost 1 either. I still remember exchanging fussy baby stories and you giving me hope when he switched to his happy self. :) Tornado season comment-hilarious and true...though it adds to my already present fear of the season.

isaac said...

I love that picture of him! He's getting so big!

isaac said...

That was from Andrea, by the way. :)

Mike and Joy said...

So excited to have him be with us for the summer. He's going to adore his grandparents! Keep a better eye on that boy, he's going places.

Cynthia Lovell said...

He is just so CUTE!!! Can't wait to hold him and Kiss him!!! Can't believe he climbed up to the slide! How high was it???