Long weekends are the best weekends

I loved long weekends when I was working, I mean, who doesn't love an extra day off of work? Now, I just love them because it means I get to spend an extra day with my hubby around. This added day off yesterday was perfectly time, and all the better because it means I have one less day of being alone this week. Thank you, Martin Luther King, Jr.

The weather was all too perfect this weekend to stay cooped up inside, so, we figured what better thing to do on a beautiful Saturday in January than go to the zoo? The zoo made me miss Africa. Something about seeing animals in their true element, instead of being stuck behind a fence, seems a little more thrilling, and a lot less sad. The zoo has never made me sad before. John told me I'm stuck up. And I say I've just been blessed. Ha! But, I loved it regardless. Although, I was totally bummed the lions weren't out, the one animal I wanted our little lion to see, and they were nowhere to be found.

We got spoiled with mid-60's on Sunday, too, and being done with church by 11am. Well, twist our arm we'll enjoy the entire day being lazy, and going on lots of walks to the park. Don't mind if we do. Have I mentioned this boy LOVES to swing. Or, maybe it's the fact that there are other kids around at the playground that he loves. Either way, just look at that face. Aw, I love that little one.

And, thank goodness for another day with the hubs on Monday. I'm pretty sure more gets accomplished in a few hours with him home, than I accomplish in an entire week while he's gone. I have a lot to learn from him. Our house is that much closer to being ready to put on the market now, and it feels so so strange. I'm meeting with our realtor tomorrow. What the?!


Joy said...

Love the last two photos & the smiling child in the swing! What a cute little boy & adorable parents.

AJ Candrian said...

I think PJ is getting more hair! And I like John's comment about you being stuck up... it made me laugh. :)

Cynthia Lovell said...

Very Cute pictures!!! LOVE the one in the swing!!
He's just so CUTE!!!

JazznJenna said...

I love those last couple of pictures at the window.

You caught me off guard when you said that you love long weekends. I usually dread them, but then I realized it's often because it's my kids that get the extra day off of school, but Jeff doesn't get it off. So it's especially LONG for me! But having hubby an extra day during the week is ALWAYS a good thing.

Good luck in your home preparations! Do you think it will be much longer before you consider it ready for the market?