Cheers to the freakin weekend

I survived being a single parent for the past two weeks. And I'd like to say, as boring as it is without John around to pester, it wasn't all that bad. But only because I knew there was an end in sight. Single parenting is something I never wish upon anyone. Ever! Thankfully, there's just a few more hours left until it's over...until next weekend that is.

Someday I'd like to leave for the weekend sans child...


But let's be frank here, with John gone, that meant other things could occur around here that I wouldn't have to feel bad about, and therefore made my life easier.

Like not getting ready if I didn't want to...for multiple days in a row. Heaven!
Not having to cook dinner. Did I even eat dinner?!
Sleeping in the middle of the bed. We need a king!
And the best thing of all, sleep training. So over that middle of the night feeding. But, as the kind wife I can occasionally be, I'd feel bad (sometimes) when the little one would wake up John who has school early the next day. Good bye middle of the night, I hope I don't see you again for a long long while.

Now, if only I'd learn to go to bed sooner, his new 7am wake up time wouldn't feel so early.
Alas, I'm a night owl, and I dread mornings, no matter how hard I try to change that about myself.  

Thank goodness for a husband who will soon be home, and his love of the early morning hours. I'll be sleeping in tomorrow...



Erin said...

Well you can come sleep train Allie for me now :) It's a win win. You get a weekend away and so will I, ha! I'm a night owl, too, is it in our genes? I'd like to be a morning person but I just can't do it.

Lindsay said...

What can I say? He is just a very Handsome little boy!!!
You two do GREAT Work!!!
Glad John is Home & that will be wonderful that you can All sleep through the night! (Of course John was our worst one for doing that! Thank You John! ha ha ha)

Jessica DiRocco said...

Love taking up the whole bed sometimes! Such an unexpected treat. :)