Sometimes it's nice to get out of Oklahoma City, even if it's just for a night, and even if it means I have to put my high maintenance (only when it comes to hotels) on hold.

The images can speak for themselves, but I will say, I thought we stepped back in time when we arrived at the hotel. All I could do was laugh and be grateful I took a long sleeved t-shirt, pants, and socks to sleep in. Oh, and that we were staying here for free. I'm pretty sure if John told me we were going to have to fork over some mulah to stay here, I would have opted out and slept in the car instead. Oh, and did I mention I was sharing the room with not only my husband, but two other guys as well. 

My life is always an adventure. 

In case you're wondering, no, we didn't just drive two hours south to hang out in this "totally rad" hotel for the night, just for kicks. Believe you me, there was a purpose behind this excursion. 

A few of the larger dental organizations, here in Oklahoma, put on a free dental clinic once a year for people to come and get free dental work done. It's kind of awesome, and I'm all about helping out at events like this. So, I tagged along to shuffle patients from one station to the next to get their dental work on. 

Highlight this year: Hanging out with a bunch of inmates that the county was nice enough to shuffle in to get their teeth checked out. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of them in their bright orange get-up glory! How did I let such a photo op pass me up?!


Joy said...

I thought you drove there with another couple...that's funny that you shared a room with a bunch of guys...did any of them snore? Do you remember even watching Happy Days? At least the place you stayed made you smile & probably laugh.

Colie said...

Why, oh why, was I not invited to this adventure?! I've never been to a truly hick town before! So jealous...

Lindsay said...

This sounds/looks like a Real Life Adventures. Good for you!!!

Lindsay said...

That was me, mother. I didn't realized Lindsay was signed in on my account.