No Girls Allowed

This past weekend John and some of his buddies had the grandiose idea of having a night of R&R away from their wives. Camping and fishing were on their agenda, and we weren't invited to tag along. At least not seriously invited anyway. So, while the boys went out to play, my friend Rachelle and I decided to get together and have a little fun of our own.

Fun that involved making homemade jam. Catching up on the Bachelorette. Eating boston creme pie. And a little ear candling action. Which, by the way, I'm now a firm believer in.

Growing up my mom always had homemade jam in our freezer. Looking back, I feel like I was spoiled by that, considering store bought just doesn't do justice. I kind of despise store bought actually. I'm a homemade jam kind of girl, and now knowing how simple it is to make, I will never buy store bought again. Never! My future children will thank me for that.

Side note: John also thinks I should never buy tortilla chips or salsa again, apparently he thinks mine is better than any we can get from the store. He sure knows how to make a girl feel good about her cooking.

We tried the jam out on some homemade rolls tonight with dinner. Pure deliciousness, just like I remembered!

I'm feeling very domestic these days. If only I could stay at home and bake and cook all day long, life would truly be near perfect. 

I told John when we open our own dental practice in the very very very very very very very distant future, instead of having a cute little boutique/gift shop/pharmacist attached, I'd like to have my very own bakery. The business approach of it all would be genius in my humble opinion. Now you all know my little secret for how we're going to have a very successful dental practice some day way way way way way way way down the road.


Rachelle said...

Maybe the boys will leave us alone more often. I thought we had a very productive night. I made some bread today for my jam and it was really good! Not too sweet either, I liked that about it. Well now that we have conquered this task we just need to find something else to do... We are good at that!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Way to go!!! Beautiful pictures and the jam looks Delicious!!! So do the muffins!

Lindsay said...

Way to go! Maybe I should just start calling you, Martha! For reals. I am slightly jealous of all this domestic funness going on. :)I want some of those homemade rolls right now, please

Kristin said...

Haha...I totally got caught up on the Bachelorette this weekend too!!!! What the Bentley?!?

Joy said...

We'll soon call you queen of domestic activities. I'm proud of you for being brave and trying so many things.

Lovell Family said...

yum...jam looks GOOD! I grew up ear wax candling...until I realized it was all a farse!