If only

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a passion for working out. I always feel in my element in a gym, on the track, or in a race. Working out is the closest I'll ever come to being high, it gets me every time.

Running alone clears my head. Running with others gives me a reason to work harder. Running with my parents, that's when I fall in love with running all over again. And running with my hubby, well, that's when it's pay back for making me go camping. I love whooping his butt in a run.

When I find a new workout, I legitimately get way too excited about. I love when I think it sounds intense but totally easy for me (I like to pretend I'm more in shape than I clearly am) only to find out I just got my booty spanked trying to do it. That's when I know it's a good workout. And thus was the case last night. Totally got my booty spanked. And of course, what kind of wife would I be if I didn't drag my hubby's tush along, too, only to whip his into shape as well. I wouldn't be a very good one, I'll tell you that.

So, off to the track we went to get our sweat on.
Workout taken from here. She also has some really good recipes, too.
  • 3 1/2 laps, jog
  • 1/2 lap, sprint
  • 1 lap, jog
  • 15 burpees
  • 15 bench push ups
  • 1 lap, jog
  • 15 walking lunges with back kick & knee lift
  • 15 jump squats
  • 1 lap, jog
  • 30 bench tricep dips
  • 1/2 lap, jog
  • 1/2 lap, sprint
  • 45 squats & jab
  • 45 mountain climbers
  • 1/2 lap, walk
  • 1/2 lap, sprint
  • 30 tricep dips
  • 30 modified push ups
  • 2 laps, jog
  • 1 cool down lap, walk

Go.Do.This.Workout.Now! I was feeling pretty AWESOME (or in the hubs case, terrible) after this workout, so fabulous in fact that this morning I think I beat my own PR in a measly 4 mile run. I probably would have run longer, but work was calling my name. Too bad, because clearly I was still on my runners high from the night before. I love when a workout is so inspiring.

Last night before crawling into bed, a light when off in my head, I discovered what my dream job would be. Just like there are food critics, movie critics, video game critics, and plenty of other critics out there, I want to test/critique workouts.

That's right, I want to be a workout critic. People would send me their workouts, I'd try them out, then deem if the workout was good enough, hard enough to give me a burn, adaptable enough for all levels, and on and on and on the list would go for whether or not a particular workout was "Amy Approved".

Having a workout approved by me would be just as meaningful as a Jillian Michaels workout. It would mean something, and it would be good.

Workout critic by day. Chef/baker/crafter by night.

Aw, to dream...

But really, anyone out there have a workout you want me to try? I'm totally qualified for such a job as this, I've been to fat camp...read: worked at fat camp. That right there should increase my credibility tenfold.


Cynthia Lovell said...

Way to go Amy! ps tell John that the hostess cupcakes, and ice cream is not helping his runners buzz!


ECfinder said...
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AJ Candrian said...

Is it bad I have no idea what a "burpee" is?

Brittany said...

A few questions:

1) Why didn't I get those same genes? I hate working out and have no motivation (although I should--I am in the worst shape of my life and my body fat is embarrassing me now that it's swim suit season).
2) You should totally start a blog where you critique workouts. I don't think that exists yet. That could be awesome for workout people like you.
3) What is a burpee?

Joy said...

I know what a burpee is...we did them in my weight lifting class this morning (and I kept up with the young girls on those)! Start a workout blog...write to a few companies and see if they need someone like you. Great idea. Sounds like an exhausting workout, especially with your heat and humidity.

Cynthia Lovell said...

I'm MISSING not having a new blog to read!!! I LOVE your blogs!!!