Tooting my own horn here

Did anyone wake up to watch the Royal wedding this morning? I did. But not intentionally mind you. It just so happened that I naturally work up when the clock read 4:58am. And even though I was tried as could be, I thought, what they hey, Prince William and Kate only get married once! So, I jumped out of bed and turned on the TV, just in time to see Kate's father walking her down the aisle.

Through sleep drawn eyes, I marveled at the fact that Kate Middleton was about to become a princess. A princess! That's kind of a big deal. She looked absolutely stunning, didn't you think? And I think it's safe to say, most girls in the world are jealous of her today.

But let's talk about her dress shall we. The dress everyone was trying to make predictions about. What was it going to look like? Would it be extreme like Princess Diana's? Who would design it? Was she going to go with a more modern look? Will her dress become inspiration for years to come? Would she help design it? And the list goes on and on.

Well, I'd be lying if I didn't think the moment I saw it, hey, her dress looks eerily similar to my wedding dress. Minus, mine wasn't a long sleeved dress, nor was the train quite as big. Ok, and mine had a few ruffles up top that her's didn't. But other than that, I liked to think Princess Kate and I have similar style in the wedding dress department.

My dress:

Kate's Dress:

Ok, so maybe they don't look eerily similar, but there are some similarities there that you can't deny. Maybe it's only the lace. But hey, lace and all, I'm glad she decided to go with that elegant and timeless look. There's nothing more beautiful, more classy, and more of a fashion statement than a gorgeous gown constructed out of lace. She gets my stamp of approval!

Happy wedding day to the newlyweds.


AJ Candrian said...

Yep, you might have to retract your "toot." Nothing alike. Except for lace. Different lace. Nice try though. :)

Joy said...

Hum, similar design.

The Richmans said...

Mmm. Kinda similar, but also not. That's okay though. I see what you're saying.

And yes, I'm sure every girl wishes she were Kate today even though William may be severely balding.

JazznJenna said...

Well, I for one say the two dresses are almost twins. You know, like identical twins except one has a freckle on the left ear, or one has a birthmark on the thigh. Ha ha : ). OK, maybe not that similar, but I definitely would call them sister dresses. And I think they're both awesome! I didn't get to watch any of the royal wedding, but I hope I can find some great clips with highlights, because this is pretty cool (yes, I do have secret dreams still of being a princess, ha ha!).

Cynthia Lovell said...

I agree with you. I think both dresses are timeless and beautiful!!! I Loved the bridesmaid dress as well. It was so Nice to see a Modest dress! Maybe "tops" will come back into style!

Lovell Family said...

Cynthia...unfortunately, I hear they were not sleevelss only because they had to be covered in order to be married there. (Something like that, they mentioned it on T.V.) I think both dresses are beautiful...although I'm still trying to figure out what the heck a prince and princess really do...Easton always asks me if Prince William has a real sword!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Hi Lisa, I know that they had to had sleeves to be married in West Minster Abby, but they did it so beautifully! I LOVED Pippa's dress with her raglan sleeves!!! It really is Possible to make a Beautiful, Modest dress! Of course I Loved Amy's dress as well!

Colie said...

Reminder: I'm borrowing your dress in 2015. :)