Another DIY project

Since I started getting all "crafty" these days (that term being used loosely here, very loosely), the wheels inside my head have been turning. I've had the idea of turning a dresser into a TV stand for awhile now, it just took finding the right dresser that I thought I could redo for my idea to truly evolve.

I've been scouting craigslist for the 'perfect' dresser, but nothing seemed to turn up in the price range I was hoping for. And then I went to some garage sales, and wouldn't you know it, someones trash turned into my treasure. I found this little gem for $20 and I knew I had to have it:

The dresser became even more perfect when the lady sold it to me for a whopping $12 instead. It was all the cash I had on me. Which I've since decided is the key to getting good deals. If you only carry a few dollars with you, the sellers will eventually come down on the price and match your offer.  It's a fabulous thing, walking away with a bargain of a deal. At least I thought it was.

I didn't want to just paint it black, and leave it at that. That seemed too boring. So, I decided to add a little stenciling to the mix to spice things up a bit:

And the end result turned out a little something like this. To be honest, I'm still trying to decide how I really feel about it. It's fun, it's cute...I think. But is it a little too much? I'm still trying to decide.

I'd love your thoughts, keep it the way it is, or does it need to be toned down a little? Either way, it's high time we got rid of this retro look. But hey, at least all of this was free. That's right FREE. I got it all back in my DC days, and as nice as free is and has been, it's really got to go:

Wow, just looking at this picture makes me laugh. It's too bad the gameboy on the shelf is hidden in the picture. Yeah, we keep it old school around here. But like I said, it was FREE people. And sometimes free beats out looks, sad but true.


Nicole said...

LOVE it!!!! Don't tone it down-it's beautiful!

Lovell Family said...

I like it the way it is! nice job!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Very Clever!!! Looks like a very nice piece of furniture!
It's nice too that there are boards dividing the drawers as well, so you can use it for your DVD player etc.
Very Nice!!! Great Find!

Jana said...

AHH! Here you go, inspiring me again :) i LOVE it! I'm kind of boring and just like black, but the stenciling looks good - maybe I should branch out!

Joy said...

Can hardly wait to see it in person. Why don't you sell your "retro" tv stand on Craig's list and see how much you can make off your free furniture? Maybe more money to decorate with...maybe?

Kristin said...

Is it too much?!!! Where is the too much part?!?! It's amazing! So cute!!!!

Rob said...

from Lorena: You are inspiring me because you are doing things that I just think about doing but never actually do. I like to tell myself that I would actually do the projects I think up if we lived in the States and I had access to things like garage sales and Lowes and Home Depot.
Looks like you did a great job, and honestly, when it comes to interior decorating I think you should just mind your own opinion and style. If you like it and think it looks good, then you are the one who is living with it everyday. Plus, don't they say that when it comes to style, the only real important thing is to have it? Doesn't matter so much what it is, so if you like the embellishments, work it.

JazznJenna said...

I really like it, and I really love flourishes of that style, but I think if it were mine, I might tone it down just a little. BUT, I also think it might be perfect the way it is--perhaps depending on what other furniture or accessories you have in the room? If it "goes with" lots of other things the way it is, then it's perfect right now. Fun!

Colie said...

You're hired.