A little thrifting

The weekend's not even over yet, 
Sunday barely started, 
and I'm already dreading the ending of today.

This weekend has been fabulous.
From missionaries over for dinner on Friday night,
to Saturday's thrift store/garage sale excursion,
it's been a productive and fun weekend.  

My friend and I spent all of Saturday morning/mid-afternoon
cruising from one thrift store/garage sale to the next
trying to score some fabulous finds.

I think we both walked away 
with some steals
and new projects to keep us busy for weekends to come.
 It'll be a party.
Stay tuned...

Once upon a time,
thrifting used to disgust me.
How quickly it has turned into a passion of mine.

This is my latest DIY project.
It's no thrift store or garage sale find,
but craigslist finds are one and the same.

After months and months of searching,
I finally found the perfect glider bench to adorn my front porch.




Incessant wind and all, 
you'll find us chillaxing on that pretty little thing.
(It still needs a few side pillows, which will be in the works soon)


Lindsay said...

Adorable! Nice work

JazznJenna said...

it's pretty to look at, and it glides too...bonus! great work. I've long been a thrifter, now I just wish I knew how to make cool furniture like you.

Cody and Rachelle said...

It looks really good! You did a great job. Did you make the cushion too? I am really looking forward to making my chair covers! We need to get together either this week or on the weekend to start. PS you can find my account of buying "deal or no deal" for a stamp on my blog now :)

Anonymous said...

I completely adore thrifting! There's something magical about taking a piece that someone has thrown away and making it into something special.

Great work!

Kristin said...


Jana said...

oh. my. goodness. GOOD WORK! it looks absolutely adorable on your front porch. now if only i had a porch. or a backyard.

The Richmans said...

I love it! Good job, good job! I want to hear what you got at the garage sales.

I bought James his own mini-lawn mower at a garage sale on Friday and he loooooves it!

CandiShack said...

Hey you! Just catching up on your awesomeness. Super cute glider! lucky.... (say that like napoleon dynamite)

Emily said...

Amy it looks SO great!!! I'm very impressed. I need to go thrifting with you! Way to be :)

Cynthia Lovell said...

Very CUTE!!! I LOVE IT!!! I'll bet if the previous owners saw it now, they'd be sorry they sold it! Very Clever!

julz said...

Dang, I want it!

DR and Brynna said...

Nice work! We share the same passion for bargain shopping. Should we start a business together? I think so. But you would have to move to Vernal.

Stephy said...

A little design mom!