The Golden State

It's a good thing I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, opposed to the usual groggy, sleepy, longing to stay in bed for a few more hours, feeling that seems to greet me most days. Otherwise, having to come into work this morning, after a two week vacation, while the husband lay sound asleep in bed, would have been a little more difficult and despised. It must be a new year! Thankfully, the mister didn't stay sound asleep too long after I got up to get ready. When questioning his being bright eyed at such an hour, knowing he could sleep his days away if he wanted, seeing he still has another week of freedom before he hits the books again, (the beauty of being a student, not a worker) he, in quite a mater of fact kind of way stated, "Well, I can't let you starve." So, off to the kitchen he went to put my lunch together. Am I spoiled or what? He then proceeded to walk me to the door, kiss me goodbye, and wave as I drove away. I felt like I had a glimpse into what my life could be like, say I happened to be a stay at home mom. I concluded long ago that I'm not a fan of role reversal, and today, that was made ever more apparent as I headed into work. Maybe one day things will change.One day. Maybe.

It's sad how one day back at work, and I feel like my Christmas vacation never happened. But it did. It was great. And believe you me, I wish it never ended. John and I flirted with the idea of never returning to Oklahoma, and staying in California as bums, forever. I'd be lying if I said we didn't think it sounded rather appealing.

But here we are, back to the real word, where things aren't always so picturesque. As I sat through my Monday morning meetings, all my mind could think about was...

 How much fun I had hanging out with my new nieces and nephews, who absolutely adore John. 
And clearly, the feelings are mutual.
 Hanging out with your in-laws for 10 days straight may cause negative emotions for some people,
But after this vacation, I like to think I'm pretty lucky.

 We enjoyed a Kings game, where Golden State won in overtime.

 Posing for a cheesy picture, 
after walking around and enjoying some gelato in old town Folsom.

How nice does the drive down highway 1 sound right about now?

 Why was I such a wuss in the cold windy air at Half Moon Bay?
I'd give anything to be there now.

 What would my life have been like 
had my parents never moved away from this quaint town just outside of San Francisco?

 I would have grown up in this beautiful home, built by my grandpa, parents, and a few uncles.
Notice the circular stained glass window? My mother did in fact make that fine piece of art. 
Seeing this house always makes me envious of whoever lives there.

 Especially since it's so conveniently located RIGHT across the street from this beach.
My goodness, what would my life have been like?

 How I love being back in San Francisco.

 I love doing things in the city I've never done before,
like making awesome looking faces,
just before we embarked on a chilly and cold, but absolutely beautiful Bay cruise.

It's good luck to kiss when you make your way under the bridge.
So kiss we did, 
We have to ensure our 2011 is a prosperous one, you know?

2010 was a good year, full of lots of surprises and good times.
Let's hope 2011 is just as good, if not better!

In fact, things are already starting off on a good foot.
After weeks and weeks of waiting for the news,
We finally found out that J passed his boards with flying colors.
Just as I expected! 

Happy New Year!


Erin S said...

Wow, seeing that house reminds me of those old home videos where we are running around on the deck. Crazy! Ahem...that is a very bright blue color. You didn't go knock on the door?

AJ Candrian said...

At first I thought that top picture was you and John... and I kept thinking, "Why does her body look so weird?" It's because it's the body of a kid. I'm quick. Happy new year. Just a suggestion, but kissing pictures are always okay NOT to use. I know you like my suggestions.

Lindsay said...

We MISS you both already!!! We LOVED having you home for the Holidays!!!!

Lindsay said...

Actually that was me, Cynthia, Mom, I didn't know Lindsay had already signed up on gmail.

julz said...

come back!

Rob said...

from lorena:
Congrats to John on passing his boards! Must feel nice to be done with that. Big congrats.

Sounds like a heavenly vacation. I am jealous!

p.s. You forgot to factor in a child in your vision of being a stay-at-home mom. Big difference! Also, I'm sure John really is that nice...but maybe, just maybe he is also very smart and "training" you a bit for the future... :) haha.
Do I sound jaded? I'm not. Just having fun!

Jessie DiRocks said...

I love that you visited your childhood home. It's so cute!

Jana said...

ahhh that house! i would give anything to live there. pacifica is on our list of somedays :)

congrats to john!

Joy said...

Hum, foggy, foggy Pacifica...they added a bay window and wow, the color....but I think it looks good. I wish you had of been brave and knocked on the door.
YEA for John, glad those boards are over. Yes, he is spoiling you and that is okay.

Colie said...

Wooohooooo John! Way to go!
I think 2011 will bring on more good grades from your smarty-pants husband, more mischief from Mr. Toby Cat, and an awesome creative idea from you.

CandiShack said...

Amy! Just checking out your blog. What a writer you are!! You inspire me. You are so funny. Anyway, I gotta get back to reading more of your posts...