Vintage Charm

I can't say I was excited about my move to Oklahoma (nearly a month ago), after spending so much time at home, relaxing, and playing it cool. Yes, I know. I had just gotten married and was about to have a really cute house, (which I'm about to show off to you in a second), but I knew it would be hot, humid, far away from home (even though it's closer than DC is to home, it still feels farther for some reason), and let's be honest, it's Oklahoma. Enough said. However, it's only been a few weeks, and I'm already enjoying every moment of it...almost. I could do without the heat, but besides that, I don't doubt I'll have a good experience out here, and come what may and love it, right? So, after all our hard work with moving into our new house, discovering a toilet full of crap, quite literally, painting, decorating, organizing our lives, and figuring out the whole home owner thing, I think it's safe to say, we're officially moved in. Wahoo!

So, here she is in all her glory! Our first home as a newly wed couple.
I had three requirements for our new house...

1-It had to have a porch
Once I get my first paycheck, you better be sure a glider will be replacing that lonely chair!
I love big porches.

I know this picture is dark, but dark or not, the clutter is apparent.
Oh, the joy's of moving in.



The fun part of moving in, putting IKEA furniture together that we brought all the way from SLC, OKC really needs to get on that bandwagon...


Eating our first meal, with no table, in the middle of all our junk.

2-I had to have a house with a window over the kitchen sink
3-Lots of counter space
(two out of three isn't bad, I guess)


Slowly but surely, things finally got put away and semi-in order...
The living room:

(don't be jealous of our old school TV, it was free, ok!)

We had some major painting to do when we got here.
I'm not one for fancy/funky/or freaking weird paint jobs,
so the red just HAD to go...



...and so did the weird painting in the hallway.
I wish we had a better picture of it, but trust me, painted on borders,
and trying to be all decorative in your painting doesn't always look good.
Usually, it never looks good.
The more simple, the better, at least in my opinion.

(If you look closely, you can see, under the primer, how it was previously painted)


The lonely bathroom, where our house warming gift, from the previous owners, awaited us.
Don't worry, it smells like a normal bathroom now.

I laugh at calling this the "master bedroom", because there's nothing really "masterly" about it, except maybe the lovely chandelier,
but it's comfy, cosy, and suits us just fine.

Our treacherous backyard, at least it was until we got a lawn mower and finally mowed it...

Now it just looks dead:

And the garage, along with some more house warming gifts the previous owners thought they needed to leave for us. The basketball hoop has come in handy, but the rest of it, well, I've come to realize they were just too thoughtful to us before they moved out.

So, there she is, our nice little humble abode we get to call home for the next three years.
Now the question is, who will be the first to visit...


Lindsay said...

We would SO love to visit. The house looks so adorable. Good job guys. I am so proud.

Brittany said...

Umm, okay, will you please come help me put my house together like that? I've been in my new house longer than you and your's is already more done looking than mine. It seriously looks darling--good job!

Lovell Family said...

Looks great....that was a lot of work!

Lauren Kay said...

Way to go Amy! It looks really cute! I love seeing our old house furniture too :) Now, if I ever get married, you can come help me on mine. Ok?

Cynthia Lovell said...

I LOVE the house!!! It's very Cute!!! I totally agree with the old paint. It would drive me CRAZY as well!!
It all looks very nice and cozy!!! You've done a Great Job! Can't wait to see it!

DR and Brynna said...

I'm in love! The vintage charm is totally my thing. You've outdone yourself, good job!

Jessie DiRocks said...

Super cute Amy! I love big porches too, so great that you have one. Also, so great that you got rid of that awful paint job on the walls. How did someone live with that!?!

Joy said...

I with you, simple backgrounds are the best...let those lovely pieces of art stand out. You two have done a great job. Good for you. So glad you're back in the real world working too.

Carlita said...

looks spot on. probably more finished than my house after a year of living in it. well done.

and i still can't believe the poop story. that's so nasty!

Rob said...

from Lorena: WOW Mays, you are quite the decorator. I never knew. It looks quite lovely. Looks like a nicer place than we have ever had after seven years of marriage! It usually takes me months and months after moving before I have things as finished as you already do after only a month. Impressive!

AJ Candrian said...

Can't say I'll be the first visitor. Something about that toilet story I just don't think I'd be able to get out of my head if I had to stay in that house. But, maybe if there happened to be a baby... I might be swayed. :)

Lindsay Johnson said...

I'll visit. Two and a half weeks? I'll be passing through!

Anonymous said...

We're there.. you probably shouldn't have offered! Looks so cute, oh to have a house!

guerry girls said...

would love to come see you! only if Leslie's mom was still at Tinker AFB I would be there at least once a year to pick her up!