Cars and Trucks and Things that Go Party

We love Richard Scarry in this house, well, I should say, we love his book, Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. Preston can spend hours looking through the pictures in this book, finding Goldbug, and having me read him page after page of that 60 page book. I try to get away with reading his three favorite pages, but we usually spend far longer than I anticipate reading that book at night. I got this book from one of the sweetest older ladies in my ward just before Preston was born. Little did I know it would become one of his all time favorites.

It only made sense to do a birthday party revolving around this book, so, thanks to my sweet husband who can take my ideas and turn them into something far better, we turned our house into a Cars and Trucks and Things that a Go wonderland. With 13 kids riding around our house, it was quite the afternoon.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Preston. We sure love you more than you will ever know.

Trick candles my friends, they were too perfect for a boy who LOVES to blow out candles!

The end!

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Joy Candrian said...

So fun Amy & John. I hope he remembers this party for years & years!