I used to be an awesome...or at least consistent, blogger, before anything really exciting was ever going on in my life. Then I had a child, and my blogging became sporadic. Then I had another one, and I forgot what blogging was even all about. And the cherry on top was us moving to Japan, and, well, I've documented pretty much nothing. It's pitiful.

Exciting things happen in my life and I stop documenting it. It would be one thing if I was at least excelling at writing in my personal journal, but I can't even say I'm doing that either. What the what?

I was just thinking about one day, many many years down the road, when I'll look back on these days with such fond memories, and wish I had blogged more. So, here's me hoping to be a little bit more consistent in documenting our journey in Japan, if for no one else but me and my little family.

Last weekend John had Friday off of work, so, we decided to head north and wander around a waterfall. Preston is obsessed with waterfalls. The boy has always loved water, but it goes deeper than just love, everything he does somehow gets turned into a waterfall. He begs to wash dishes just so we can make some type of contraption in the sink that he then proclaims is a waterfall. They're usually impressive...which is something else I need to start documenting...

The waterfall was pretty mediocre at best, but, it was still water, falling off of a high cliff, and Preston still thought it was awesome. Next time it would make more sense to go after a good rain storm, if there is a next time anyway.

 And our little walk/boulder climbing was followed by a bought at Sesoko Beach, and some Pizza in the Sky. A perfect day in my books. 

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Joy Candrian said...

So glad you're committed to blogging again! I hope to read more posts soon.