A taste of Okinawa

I remember way back during our dental school days reminiscing about where we'd eventually be stationed for awhile, and talking about the likelihood of Japan. John was convinced Japan wouldn't be a good fit, if for nothing more than the food alone. His idea of good "Chinese" food is Panda Express, and the mere thought of Japanese food sounded anything but appealing

Or so he/we thought.

And then we came here, and within a few days of being on the island, we had already devoured some the goodness that this place has to offer and were left craving more. John's in love with their ramen. I'm obsessed with their dumplings and chili shrimp. And then we're told they have amazing bakeries, and who can do wrong living in a place with amazing bakeries?. Those are still to be discovered, I'm holding off as long as I can before I can't stop myself from running to one nearly everyday. It won't be good for my waistline, I'm sure of it.

Good food is just addicting. Thank goodness we're living in one of, if not THE healthiest place in the world.


Lindsay said...

I have never seen rice and french fries together on the pate at the same time! Ha. The food looks awesome. Miss you guys!

Joy Candrian said...

Anxious to try some of your favorite dishes.