17 Months of pure cuteness

The other day while we were driving in the car, Preston point blankly says, "Hi, how are you?"

As we were leaving the gym the other day, a cute older couple held the door open for us. As we walked through the door, Preston says to them, "Thank you!" -I'm glad he's learned his manners

When my parents were here last weekend, my mom was singing him the song "Pop Goes the Weasel" apparently Preston thought the word weasel was funny, because he kept repeting it over and over again laughing.

Whenever he hears you say a number, he'll start counting.

He'll wave and say "bye bye" whenever he's done with something and wants to move on to something new...lately it's been when I'm in the middle of conversations with my neighbors.

Our sweet next door neighbor has adopted Preston as her grandson, and is always doing nice things for him. The other day she bought a beach ball for him to play with, and I was telling him to say "Thank you, Carol." After that he ran all around the yard yelling, "Carol! Carol!" He'll even randomly call out her name when we pull into the driveway after running errands. Makes me laugh every time.

He's obsessed with his ABC's, and is always wanting to read all of the different ABC books we have. If you sing the song, he'll randomly chime in with the correct letter he knows comes next.

He's also pretty good at knowing what comes next in all of the stories we read, and usually finishes the sentences for us. He's a smarty pants.

And my favorite thing as of late is when he pretends to be a baby and fake cries. The kids a ham!

How I love this little boy of mine. He sure gives me a run for my money some days, but he really is the sweetest little boy there ever was.


Lorena said...

from Lorena: Cute stuff! Such a sweet age as they start to grasp order to the world and mimic it. Hope I get to see him in London in a couple months.

Cynthia Lovell said...

He's so CUTE!!! I LOVE to hear the things they say when they start talking!!! It's just so CUTE! I Love how you post it all--you'll be Glad you did!!!

AJ Candrian said...

Oh my goodness, I love him. I love how he mimicked me the other day on Skype when I squealed. He's definitely one of my favs!

Lovell Family said...

So cute!

Joy Candrian said...

"Probably" was the other word he liked once I said it on Sunday. That boy just likes to talk & the sound of words.