So long, Oklahoma

I'm sitting on the couch in my parents house wondering how this past week has already come and gone. The past few days have been nothing but a whirlwind of emotions. If you saw our house on Wednesday, you would have had no idea we were about to move in just a few days. Minus a few boxes scattered here and there, our house was still in order, and so were our lives. Now everything just seems jumbled.

When Thursday rolled around, three strangers entered our home, and threw our lives into boxes, while I sat on the couch and watched...quite literally.


After a hard days work of packing, our house was completely boxed up, and we were off to a fancy awards dinner with Johns class.

On Friday, they loaded a truck with all of our goods, and sent our stuff off to St. Louis, where we hope it will greet us come August.

In a matter of seconds it seemed, we no longer lived in our cute little vintage home.  It was completely empty, and just like that, Oklahoma wasn't home anymore.

By Saturday, I was trying to entertain my overly tired little boy, while watching John get hooded to become the newest dentist in our family. He has worked so hard these last four years, and seeing him walk up on stage made me teary eyed. I felt like a very proud wife.

Meanwhile, 60 new dentists were busting a move to the Harlem shake, in a mini flash mob on stage.

And on Sunday, we woke up far earlier than one cares to, thanks to that same little boy, and got ready (thanks again Kelly for letting us crash at your house, I owe you big time) and headed to church like we normally would any other week. Only this time, we knew we'd never be coming back to this ward, to all these familiar faces, to some of our dearest friends.

After an emotional morning spent in the presence of these people I never want to forget, I headed straight to the airport, while John and his parents got in the car, all headed for the first stop of this crazy summer, Utah.

And now, here I sit, at my parents house, with tears in my eyes, and only memories left of a place I never wanted to love, but I did. Of a place I couldn't wait to leave, but I already miss. And friends I hope I will never forget, and I won't.

Oklahoma was the first chapter of our lives together as two, and we left as a family of three. No matter how much I first disliked living in Oklahoma, it captured a small piece of my heart, and I will always love that funny state that most people venture to and oddly enough, never want to leave. But leave we did, because we have a new journey, and a new adventure to embark on with the Air Force. And I only hope we can love every place we will experience over the next five years just as much, starting first with St. Louis.


Lindsay said...

I cant believe you guys are done. Such a strange, strange feeling. We miss Florida too.

Brittany said...

Oh, Amers, that made me teary eyed, too. It's always sad when one chapter of life closes and even more sad that we don't realize how great they were until the end. But hopefully your new one and each one thereafter will be equally as memorable.

Oh, and might I add that that is one mighty big truck for such a tiny house.

Tricia said...

Amy, we miss you both so much! I can't believe you are gone, but I am SO glad we can text, email and blog...facebook...all that stuff! I hope you have TONS of fun in Utah. Know we're thinking of you! :)
PS- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Harlem shake!

AJ Candrian said...

Very sweet post Maizer! You really made your cute little house a home. Also, I really love how you dress Preston. Those red pants are DARLING. Also, I remember back in high school we used to slash our pants at the bottoms like that... cut up the seam a little. Your picture of your legs made me remember. Also, I'm excited to see you guys soon.

Jenna Lovell said...

That was really touching. I know the feeling so well. One thing I did before leaving Oregon was write down the name of every single friend of mine from our ward, and summarize my favorite memory with them, or what I loved about them, because I never wanted to forget those sweet times. Are you finding a way to preserve your blog posts long-term? This would be a great one to re-read in the future. I'm glad you learned to love it there.

Rob said...

from Lorena: Oh, sweet sentiments. Funny how connected we get to places, particularly where you bring a new life into your family! Good luck with the move and I look forward to see you soon.

Mark Stewart said...

Oklahoma is a poorer state since you three have left. Good luck on your next journey starting in St. Louis!!!