May Day

My running buddy
We survived an entire month sweets free. Do you know how many birthday parties we've attended and how many times we turned down cake?! I pretty much loved it, so much so that this morning when John dove teeth first into some leftover Easter candy, a Reece's peanut buttercup to be exact, the mere thought of eating it made me feel ill. I wonder how long that will last until I'm back to consuming sugar by the spoonfuls? Hopefully a long long time because I love how I feel sans sugar overload. And to think, I have two bags of Cadbury mini eggs just waiting for me.

To stick with being healthier people, Mays goal is to workout six days a week. Sometimes we're slackers around here and only make it to the gym, or out for a run , three or four days a week. On a good week, five days, so we're upping our game this month. We're determined, amidst all of the crazy that will be going on over the next few weeks, namely graduation and moving, to look good with the help of a few added workouts to our week. Not that we're vain or anything, but swimsuit season is just around the corner, just saying... don't let snow in the forecast fool you.

Here's to a month of continued health, and hopefully tighter abs.


Colie said...

I love that my version of hardcore fitness (3-4 times working out a week) is your regular routine. Good luck with graduation, moving, & getting your already tight abs so tight that Jillian Michaels would be jealous.

Lorena said...

from Lorena: Way to go! Great goals. Even better that you both do them together. I need to find something motivating to get me off the sweets again, because you are right, you don't really miss it once you get past that hump...it's just an issue of readjusting food habits and that is really hard. Once you get past that, it feels fantastic and it isn't even a big deal. I say that and yet I haven't set any goals like you have! I usually like the idea of sweets-free, so I don't bake many sweets. But Rob does, so then, you know, I want to support him and make his cookies feel loved.

Mandy said...

6 days a WEEK?! Holy crap...I'm inspired so much I may even work out 3 times this week, ha! I love your monthly goal thing....I seriously am doing that this upcoming year if I remember....And love those glasses on you! You must get a killer workout pushing cute Preston along.

AJ Candrian said...

Amazing. If I can exercise three days a week I feel good about myself. Way to rock it.