11 Months

The funny thing about having an 11 month old baby who is the size of some two year olds, is that I forget he's still "little". And that he's still a baby.  No matter how big he is compared to others his age, he will always be MY baby. Always. He still crawls. He babbles. He cries. He puts everything in his mouth that doesn't belong. And he still relies on me for nearly everything.

On the flip side, you may be confused that he's not almost two by how "big" he is. By the tantrums he throws. By his independence. By the attitude he has when he's mad at you. And by his occasional stubborn stubborn ways. Which I'm still trying to figure out where he got that from. {Hardy har har}

This 11 month old boy, who melts my heart every day, is simply the best. The best, EVER!

At 11 months, Preston:
Has three teeth
Sleeps like a champ, 12 hours straight!
LOVES to be outside. And if you'd like to witness a tantrum of his, just pick him up and go inside. He won't love you for a few minutes.
Favorite things to say are "yeah" and "we wee"
Obsessed with dogs, or "dah's" in his lingo
Will tweet like a bird and growl like a lion
Can stand on his own, but mostly when he doesn't realizing he's doing it
Loves books, but only when you're reading him the one he wants to be read
Eats pretty much everything
Gets excited when he hears an airplane, and will point to the sky to show you where it is
Loves music, and will dance along when he hears it
And has more energy than anyone I know, and I love him for it

Little man, you rock our world. How is it possible you will be one next month?!


AJ Candrian said...

He's so darling. Can't wait to see him soon!

Joy said...

So excited to spend time with him next month & the next. Maybe he'll be a grandma's boy since all the other grandchildren prefer their grandpa except when it comes to building block towers.