Pictures with binkies are never cute...his outfit was cute...the binkie, not so much
This week begins two long weeks as a single parent...minus the weekend because John will be home for a few days before he has to leave again, and I'm already dreading the loneliness...and the absent five o'clock break I get, for an hour or two, before our little lion goes into hibernation for 12+ hours.

I hate being alone.

John and I have challenged ourselves to read the Book of Mormon all the way though this month. Something I've been wanting to do for awhile now, but, alas, I'm too lazy and a pro at wasting my time to actually achieve such a "lofty" goal. Please tell me why I haven't done this sooner? You'd think I'd never read this book before, (I have), with how many new things I'm discovering. It's kind of embarrassing, yet awe inspiring how much I'm learning.

I love this book even more.

I was trying to be better in the whole "eat less treats" department, since my sweet tooth has kind of gotten the better of me. I was good up to the point of making chocolate chip cookies the other night. Duh, rule number one of limiting sugar intake is to NOT MAKE DESSERTS!! Oops. I'm pretty sure I downed at least four cookies, and they're not small by any means, before I realized what I had done. All I have to say is, thank goodness for nursing, but if I don't start being better now, I'm doomed once my nursing days are over...which hopefully won't be for awhile.

I love burning calories without actually having to do anything.

Sometimes we stick our child in front of our ipad for entertainment when we're feeling lazy, or he's being fussy. But will you just look at that rocking and his smile. I mean, you would too if it made your child this happy, right?

I hope this doesn't make us bad parents.

Even though I cried the day I found out we would be moving to St. Louis, I've since had a drastic change of heart, and I now find myself daydreaming daily of the new adventure we'll be having there. And it makes me really excited for the road ahead, a bigger city, and a whole lot of fresh corn, since we'll be living in the middle of corn fields. How dreamy.

Mid-west living at it's finest I tell ya.

Now, while John is gone and I have a quiet house to myself, I'm off to take advantage of it. Not sure what that really means though...


Joy said...

Too, too precious. I love his smiles.

AJ Candrian said...

I love how he rocks back and forth like that when he gets excited! Oh, he makes me melt! I love that boy!

Cynthia Lovell said...

That is so CUTE!!! He's a little Doll! (I'm sure there's something better I could call him, but he's just so Darling!!! Good Luck for the next couple of weeks!!!

Brittany said...

You could come see us while John is gone. We could have some serious fun! :)

I showed James that video and he thought we were skyping. He kept saying "Hi! Hi cute Preston . . . Mom is he slobbery?" :)

Kristin said...

Don't worry...we are definitely hanging out this week!!!!

Lorena said...

Aw, I know those kinds of weeks! Get out lots.
I love that video - Preston's excitement is too cute. Michael and Ella are both mesmerized by that same Twinkle video, we've watched it countless times in this house. I love the dramatic star and owl friendship.