My baby has officially been outside of me for as long as he was inside of me. What the? And of course, these last 38 weeks and five days flew by way faster than the whole pregnancy thing itself. If only we could figure out a way to reverse that, because I have a feeling with every pregnancy, and with every child, the feeling will always remain the same. Pregnancy drags on, the first year flies by.

I have loved every minutes of being a mother. I've had my fair share of struggles, challenges, and hiccups along the way, but no matter how hard this whole thing called parenting gets, I hope you will never hear me complain about being a mother. Ever! It's one of my biggest pet peeves as of late. It's amazing how many women complain about being a mother on a daily basis.  Like they thought this "job" was going to be an easy one. It baffles me.

Motherhood is hard. But no matter how hard it is/will get, it's that much more amazing and wonderful, and rewarding, and one of the greatest things I've ever done. Ever!

After nine months in, the selfish and vain part of me wanted these things accomplished by nine months out:
  1. Run a half marathon...the farthest I've gone is six miles, and that was months and months ago...maybe I'll push that goal to by the time he turns one!
  2. Lose all of my baby weight...I got lucky and lost that within 10 days of having him...that's not to say I didn't have a jelly-belly still, I sure did, but thankfully that's gone now, too. In fact, I'm in better shape now than I have been in pretty much forever. But, I've also been working out a lot harder and differently than ever before, so, I like to think I've earned it.
  3. Sleep through the night...I made it just in time, thanks to the hubby leaving town for two weeks. Sleep glorious sleep! It's amazing what 6-8 hours of straight sleep will do to me. 
  4. Be a mom who actually gets ready every day. Sadly, it's hit and miss with this one. If you ever see me wearing a hat, it would be safe to assume I haven't gotten ready that day. Don't look to close at the picture above. Some days are rough...as in, I'm just being lazy. 
I'm 50/50 on my goals. You win some, you lose some. Most of these things matter to no one but me anyway...well, except the whole getting ready one. John may actually care, seeing that on the days I actually get ready he almost always compliments me and tells me I look nice. I should take that as a hint I need to work on that goal a little harder. Point taken!

Some days I still feel like I'm figuring this whole mom thing out. Some days I still wonder when my maternity leave is going to be over. And some days I still can't believe I have a son and I'm a mother. But everyday I wake up to a happy baby who screams with delight when I walk into the room, and every day I love my life that much more. 


Lindsay said...

Wow, I can't believe he is 9 months. I had a goal to run a marathon a year after I had Ada...that did not even come close to happening. I am with you on getting ready everyday. I hate the days where it just doesn't/can't happen.

Joy said...

I love this post - I love that you're such a cute mom & that I get to be that adorable boy's grandmother.

Cynthia Lovell said...

Great Post!!! I'm so glad that you and the other girls in the family love being "mothers"! It really makes us happy to see the homes our grandchildren are being raised in!!!

I LOVE the picture! Preston is so CUTE!!! You Both look Great!!!

Brittany said...

Wow, amazing that you even kept track of that. That's something I've never even thought of. But that's a cool thought . . . anyway, I'm pretty sure you look good no matter if you get ready or not. I always wished I had that trait.

I love both of you!

JazznJenna said...

Has anyone ever told you it's rude to lose your baby weight that fast? It makes people like me look really bad. Jealous!! Just kidding. Lucky you!! And, congrats on looking so amazing now (I'm happy for you to feel like you're in your best shape ever--I love that feeling!). You're also awesome for having those goals that you have. Good luck with them--I know you can do any of those things. I like your idea of getting ready every day. I think I still do that, most of the time, but sometimes it's not until 6 or 7 p.m. ha ha! Depends on when I fit my workout in that day : ). Love ya!

AJ Candrian said...

Ah, Maizer! You're such a cute little mom, and that kid of yours is the cutest thing. He's such a chunk! And I love him! And you!